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After that mind bending finale,The society is coming back with its second season. More details inside.

The Netflix mystery teen drama The Society is coming back with its second season. The show is centered around some high school students in West Ham, Connecticut, who goes on a ten-day bus trip to be returned the same night. Upon their return, they find their town eerily empty. They realize they have no way out as they are suddenly surrounded by dense forests all around the city. They are cut off from the world with no internet and cell service. With no help and no way out, the trapped teens form their society. The teens go through power struggle, class, race, betrayal, love, sex, murder, and lots of drama. The show has drawn comparisons to a 1954 novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies

Season 2 release date

The second season of the show was announced by Netflix last year via a montage of cast members sharing the exciting news of filming the second season. Even though an official release date hasn’t been confirmed, we can expect it this year. There are also speculations that the show may come out in May 2020, like season one’s premiere in May 2019.

What will happen in season 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

2019 was the year of alternate realities, what with Netflix German series Dark and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.By the end of season two, Gordie theorizes that they are trapped in a parallel universe. The last scene confirms it as it takes us to the ‘real’ West Ham, where the teens are deemed missing. There is a memorial plaque with all the missing teen’s names. How the teenagers got trapped in a parallel universe and whether their parents knew about this is to be seen in season two. The season two will also show more problems in their new West Ham society and all the relationship dramas. Whether the teens will put aside their differences and come together to escape out of this universe will also¬†be the primary narrative.

All who made out alive last season are expected to return 

The main characters are expected to return like Allie Pressman( Kathryn Newton), Becca Gelb( Gideon Adlon), Will Leclear(Jacques Colimon), Campbell Elliot( Toby Wallace), Sam Elliot(Sean Berdy), Kelly Aldrich(Jose Julian), Luke(Alexander MacNicoll), Elle Tomtins(Olivia DeJonge), Harry Bingham(Alex Fitzdan), Bean(Salena Qureshi) and Grizz( Jack Mulherr). We can even expect Cassandra, Allie’s elder sister, also though she was shot dead last season because, after all, it happened in an alternate universe.

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