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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Popular Series ’13 Reasons Why’ And It’s Upcoming Season 4

13 Reasons Why

Netflix’s popular web-series ’13 Reasons Why’ is one of the most viewed and loved web-series. They got their fame on their very first season, where they ended their season finale with a grand twist, and the viewers loved it. The thrill and suspense it contains do not match any other web-series.

The production is bouncing back with Season 4 of the same as discussed by the US media. It’s more likely to cause more significant controversy among the viewers as it showed a classy suicide scene in the past.

Season 3 landed on screen in August 2019, and the next season is confirmed to be released soon. The series was persuaded by Jay Asher’s book with an identical name, but the content is way more different as the protagonists of the show are Clay Jensen and the girl who died named Hannah Baker.

Sources told that this would be the final chapter of the series, as it is a pure ‘high-end’ drama. The cast recently received a magnanimous pay-check from their parent producing company Paramount TV whom Netflix has a pay a high license fee.

The famous character of Hannah Baker, played by Kate Walsh, told the media officials that ending 13 Reasons Why on the fourth season is entirely the right decision made by the production. She also explained how the series is priceless, and ending it correctly is way more critical than telecasting it more than it needs.

Hannah’s death scene has been recently removed from the telecast following claims by both viewers and critics. A recent study also found out that the crime rate increased by almost 200 more deaths than usual after the streaming giants telecasted the death scene.

Season 4 is expected to land on the scenes in the middle of 2020, as the production is working on the same. The streaming giants didn’t disclose how many episodes they’re going to publish this season, but viewers are expecting ’13’, because, why not?

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