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Food of Wars Season 5: Release Date, Cast and Plot. Who are the dubbing artists? All Updates!!

Watching series are nowadays has become a trend and especially that of watching animated series. We have got a lot of animated series and a lot of them are so good that you can’t even compare it with others. If we talk of any animated series then we should definitely talk about those that have released a good number of episodes and is doing so well in all the languages in whatever it releases. One of them is the Food Wars of Japan.

Food Wars is an animated series. It is a Japanese animated series that is based upon a manga, titled as Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma. This novel is written by Yuto Tsukuda and it is illustrated by Shum Saeki. The director of this series is Yoshitomo Yonetani. The story of this animated series is written by Shogo Yashukawa. The music has been composed by Tatsuya Kato and the studio is of J.C. Staff. It has released four of its season and the fifth one is in the air.

The release date of Food Wars Season 5

Food Wars released for the first time on 4 April 2015 and ran till 26 September 2015. It had 24 episodes and it was followed by the second season. The second season released on 2 July 2016 with 13 episodes and ran till 24 September 2016.

When it comes to the current season, that is in the air then it released on 11 April 2020. It was planned to release with 13 episodes. But it could not happen as the fifth season in on halt due to COVID-19. It has released just two of its episodes and is planned to resume on 17 July 2020.

The casts of Food Wars Season 5

The cast and their dubbing artist has been confirmed by the two released episodes. They are here- Soma Yukihira dinner by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese) and Blake Shepard (English), Erina Nakiri by Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese) and Stephanie Wittels (English), Megumi Tadokoro by Minami Takahashi (Japanese) and Jad Saxton (English), Fumio Daimido by Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese) and Joanne Bonasso (English), Satoshi Isshiki by Takahiro Sukurai (Japanese) and Scott Gibbs (English), and Yuki Yoshino by Maaya Uchida (Japanese) and Luci Christian (English).

The plot of Food Wars Season 5

We have not watched much of season five, it was just 2 episodes that gave us a little bit of information about the whole performance. We have seen that only three students will be allowed to participate. Fans are looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes. Hope that it will soon resume as per the resumed dates.