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Midsomer Murders Season 22: John Barnaby Is Ready For Another Season? Read The Release Date, Plot, Cast And Other Details About The Movie HERE!!!

If you haven’t heard about the Midsomer Murders, then you must be under a rock all this time. The famous dark humor series first aired in 1997 and haven’t stopped since. It is one of the longest British drama series of ITV aired on Acorn TV. The story features gruesome murders, astounding cast, light-hearted whimsy, and silliness, written by Caroline Graham in “The Chief Inspector Barnaby”. The series was adopted by Anthony Horowitz for a television installment.

The role of John Barnaby is played by Neil Dudgeon. The show has been successful since the start and has even been receiving constructive review till now.

Release Date: Midsomer Season 22

Season 21 for the show ended in February 2020. Thus, we’ll get the next season after sometime. Because of the coronavirus pandemic the production for the show would be delayed. Therefore, we might get the show in mid 2021. We are still not sure.

Fans hope that they would get to see Season 22 in December 2020. But it is confirmed that the show would go on and on and on…

Who are the cast of the series…?

The protagonist DCI John Barnaby is played by Neil Dudgeon since Season 13. There are rumors that he might be replaced now, we don’t know for sure. Nick Hendrix would join him as Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter. Other members reprising to their roles are Fiona Dolman, and Annette Badland. We still don’t have any confirmation, but additions and subtractions to the faces of the cast members is in the books.

Plot: Midsomer Murders Season 22

Until now, 124 episodes have aired so far. Set in the Midsomer County (modern-day England), the crime thriller series includes a moment of emotional drama which keep the fans still interested in the show after all these years. Earlier the story featured Tom Barnaby, who after retiring has passed the light to his cousin John. Fans really liked upper-middle-class people killing each other. In the last season we saw how John Barnaby along with DS Jamie Winter travel from village to village solving 4 murders.

We don’t exactly know what the new season would bring for us, but it surely be followed by mystery. Fans are glued to their seats for just a hint in the air.

Trailer for Season 22

Since the production hasn’t started yet, no official announced or trailer has been released for the upcoming installment.

The long-serving detective drama sure knows how to make us serve for long!

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