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Tom Holland and Zendaya, ‘Spiderman Sequel Actors’ Dating Rumors: They Both Denied

Even before Spiderman: Homecoming was released, it wasn’t hard to tell that Tom Holland and his co-star, Zendaya, always had a chemistry on as well as off screen. So fans took this a little too hard in believing that they are a ‘thing’. But both the actors have denied the rumor. The primary reason for the fans to ship them together is because the two had spent a lot of time together promoting their movie sequel, Spiderman: Far from Home. Letting everyone wonder if there is a spark going on in between the two keeping in mind how comfortable they’re around each other in real and reel life both. Because we’ve seen actors working together in a movie is the best way to start catching feelings. So, here are a few signs we have for you that shouts that Zendaya and Tom are a thing.

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Tom Is Looking for A Relationship


In a recent interview with a magazine, Tom revealed that he’s “definitely a relationship person.” And that’s a pretty great news for the fans who ship the two together. He added that he’s not the fleeting type at all, that it’s not his way of life.

But as exciting and generous this is, he confirmed that Zendaya and him are nothing more than good friends. So, that’s that!


Tom tagged Zendaya in a ‘not so friendly way’ on his Instagram post


Tom shared an Instagram post of his, Zendaya and their co-star Jacob Batalon on their time at Disneyland.

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Let's go with that. #CommentsByCelebs

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Although, normally this picture won’t seem so not innocent but if you look carefully, you’ll see Zendaya being tagged around Tom’s crotch area. For real! Which clearly does not give out a good message and let alone them being ‘just friends’.

Even Zendaya noticed it and kind of in a way cleared the message right away, saying he’s just Instagram stupid. But we can see we did see some flirting there, haha!


Ever since landing their roles as MJ and Spiderman, both have been spending a good amount of time together.


Since they have been spending some significant amount of time together regularly, naturally anyone would think there is something going on between the both. We are sure on it as we saw a photo of them together lounging together with a friend in a pool in yet another Tom’s Instagram post.

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Summer Sunday's

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Throughout the years, Tom and Zendaya have attended countless red carpet events alongside including MTV Movie, Award shows and comic con. And their chemistry in pictures says it all.



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