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Overlord has been one of the most loved manga series and anime. It always has a huge fan base. Since there has been a lag in releasing the next season due to the pandemic prevailing, fans have been waiting for an official update from the team regarding the same.
Here’s what we got to know!

Into the world of gaming

The plot is set in a future timeline, in a dark fantasy genre. The anime is directed by Nayouki Ito, and the first season was telecasted on July 7, 2015, under Madhouse production. All the three seasons had 31 episodes each.

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The story follows an online role-playing game in 2126, and has a great number of members at first, separated into each team or guild. Then, with members quitting gradually after being notified about the game’s shut down, only four members remain, and one of them adapts the character of the “overlord”- The leader of a clan and has the name Momonga. The portrayed character in the game has its headquarters in the great tomb of Nazarick. But with other players leaving the game, the leader gets saddened and decides to wait for others to return, by being logged in, till the game completely shuts down.

The plot takes a turn when the character realizes that the game didn’t get shut, but turned into a reality, with the person getting stuck into his game avatar. The rest of the story unravels on the points like whether he escaped the game, found out the reason for the mystery and found whether there were others stuck like him.

Release date, plot and the cast of the Sequel

According to the sources, the lead characters are staying the same and we can expect the addition of new characters. The team has also mentioned that the plot and casting may have new twists and turns since they were in a plan of adopting the next 20 editions of Manga series.

The plot may focus on facing the villain Ainz, the one we met in season 3, and escapism planned by the protagonist after defeating him. But the surprise in the story purely depends on how the manga develops from thereafter.
With a curb in the production funds and the time lag the team faced, we can expect the season to hit the television screens most probably by January 2021 or at the extreme conditions, by the middle of the same.
Until then, stay tuned for more updates!