Harry Potter Reboot: What does our Draco think?

In 2020, every Potterhead on this earth, including me, has got all the excuses to get into the blanket and binge watch/read the Harry Potter series. In favor of or against, every Potter fan thinks about the reboot of the very beloved Harry Potter world! As the topic is grabbing more and more attention in the fandom, we get teased by Draco Malfoy himself about the same.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Tom Felton, best known for his role as Draco Malfoy, talked about the possibilities of Harry Potter reboot. Felton stated, “I don’t think Jo [Rowling] would want her films, her books rather and her films, to be remade anytime soon, but I’m sure in 20 years when they’ve got 4D, scratch-and-sniff cinemas, or whatever, then they’ll want to do it all over again. My hope is that when they do it, I’ll be old enough to play Lucius! Give it another 15 years, and I’ll come back and play Lucius. I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Felton’s idea of a reboot in 4D cinemas is great. Imagine all the wands, charms, and magic
happening around us in the cinema. Quidditch matches happening with the snitch going right from in front of you, and there comes Harry flying behind it. Imagine going into the Forbidden Forest for detention along with our heroes. All of that may come true with the remake of the Harry Potter series in the coming years.

Harry Potter Reboot: What does our Draco think?

Hopping back to the interview, when asked if The 13 Hrs actor would be up for the Harry Potter Reboot all again after so many years, Felton said, “Yeah, I’m endlessly proud and affectionate of young Draco, so any chance to reprise that role would be great. I think we should come back and do the opposite, Rupert [Grint] should play Draco, I’ll play Hermione, Dan can play Dobby, and Emma can be Hagrid, it’s the perfect re-casting! It’ll be an interesting spin [on it]. But, seriously, if there was another chance to be in another movie, then I’m sure all of us would jump at the chance to be part of it.”

While the teasing by Tom Felton upon re-casting of main characters might not be taken positively by most of the fandom, the big question remains the same. The movies have been appreciated for being a phenomenal adaptation of the series by JK Rowling. Be it cast, effects, storyline, or dialogues, everything was top notch. The fandom is divided over the question of the reboot. While many think that remake would be an insult to the original series and cast, others want the old cast to be seen as new characters in the remake. Felton teasing the fandom about it and showing the desire to play Lucius Malfoy can be a hint towards the remake. Whatever may happen, every Potterhead would be there cheering for Hogwarts, always!