Rockstar Games might be Release ‘GTA 6’ this Year(2020)!! RUMOUR

GTA 6, one of the most anticipated games since the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 is in talks from a lot of months. Fans’ theories keep adding up and adding more and more excitement and hype for the launch.

One of the most talked rumor is that GTA 6 will revolve around vice city. Other rumors are that it may be based on a gangster in Tokyo (Which sounds pretty cool though). We can’t just believe any of them until the official announcement will be given by Rockstar Games, which still seems pretty far from now. Long back, In 2017, there was a rumor that the main protagonist in GTA 6 might be a woman contradictory to its male-dominated franchise, and again, it’s just a rumor with no official connection, so it’s pretty much just a fan wish.

Rockstar Games might be Release 'GTA 6' this Year(2020)!! RUMOUR

Another potential for the storyline is that you could probably play as a cop or as a full-fledged criminal persona and we hope that GTA 6 inherits the multiple protagonist feature of its predecessor GTA 5 and what makes it truly fantastic is that you could play both as a criminal and a cop, so that you can have both the experiences and if it is really adopted by Rockstar, then it’s one of its kind.

Another strong rumor is that GTA 6 might be based on a London setting. The strongest rumor is that it might actually be based in the 80s, where the players will witness the rise in drugs and mafia. Rockstar has always been selective and clever while choosing the right plot and location for their games. We hope that whatever Rockstar prepares, it must do justice for the previous GTA titles, which bought Rockstar, fame, and money to their prestige.

Rockstar surely takes a lot of time to make games especially, The GTA franchise. And we are hopeful that they won’t fail us as they never did. WE LOVE YOU, GTA! THANKS FOR MAKING OUR LIVES MORE FUN AND ENTERTAINING!