Will Justice League gets its Justice with a Part Two? What’s in For DCEU Fans? Find out.

DCEU’s Justice League featuring our Batman ( Ben Affleck) and Superman ( Henry Cavill) released in November 2017.
The second feature of the Justice League was scheduled for June 2019, but it was slightly removed from the list. Since then, its fate has disappeared in thin air. Rumor has it that DCU fans must not expect a Justice League Part two till 2021.

With an assumption that we might hear the good news soon, we would expect our same Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman ( Henry Cavill) to return to screens. Gal Gadot is bagging her appreciations as Wonder Woman and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman gained popularity after its 2018 release. Ray Fisher as a cyborg and Erza Miller, may return as Flash.

Assuming from the post-credit scenes of Part One, one might consider ‘supervillain team-up’ on account of the appearance of Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson. Fan theories suggest that the team would take Darkseid down, after beating Steppenwolf in part One. This would set the stage for Part three in Justice League Trilogy, wherein the heroes would take a final stand against Darkseid.
However, with the fate of the movie unclear, it seems we are getting way ahead of ourselves.
Recent news suggests that Darkseid would debut in entirely different movies!

Not to upset its fans, DCEU has announced five new upcoming movies.
Cathy Yan’s Bird of Prey is set to release on February 7, 2020, staring our Harley Quinn joining hands with other superheroes to save a girl from evil crime lord Black Mask.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ starring Gal Gadot is set to release on June 5, 2020, who will fight Cheetah, the villainess possessing Superhuman powers.

Robert Pattison, as Batman in Matt Reeves’ Batman, will release in 2020. This will be the tenth film in DC Extended Universe and Batman Film Franchise.

Our favorite anti-hero team Suicide Squad will be back on August 6, 2021, directed by James Gunn.

Let’s hope for a Justice League Part Two news as well, pretty soon.