Taboo Season 2; discover the latest updates about cast and plot while you wait for its release

Taboo got a green signal in March 2017 for a second season. But so far, there have been no further notifications about the series. Is the script ready, or is BBC having second thoughts about the period drama?

Find out every detail about the upcoming season, along with the cast details and plot.


“We are grateful and excited to continue our relationship with the BBC and FX in contributing to British drama. Fantastic news,” Hardy said after the BBC recommissioned a second season for the gory series.

“We’re thrilled people want to know what happens next and that the BBC and FX are up for more adventures with the devil Delaney and the league of the damned,” Sir Ridley Scott, the executive producer of the series commented.

Despite all the excitement, the creators and actors have not come together since alleging their busy schedules, and Taboo has been stranded with only one season. But things are finally taking shape.

Plot for the long-awaited season

The creator of the dark, mysterious series teased the plot of season 2 but refrained from letting out any concrete detail. “In my mind, explosive stuff is going to happen, which will be great,” Knight said. “There’s a great destination for it, but I don’t know if we’re in a position to talk about the actual details of it.”

Taboo season 2

Taboo revolves around the character of James Delaney, who returns to England after twelve years to attend his father’s funeral. The series is based on a story penned by Tom and Chips Hardy. Taboo did not receive much praise at its debut, but as the story proceeded, it was applauded for its engaging plot.

Steven Knight hopes to do the same with season 2.

Cast for Taboo 2

So far, the only confirmed name we have is that of Tom Hardy, who will return to his role as James Keziah Delaney, the son of Horace Delaney. The other cast which is supposed to reprise their roles consists of

  • Jessie Buckley Lorna Delaney
  • Stephen Graham as Atticus
  • David Hayman as Brace
  • Edward Hogg as Michael Godfrey
  • Tom Hollander as Dr. George Cholmondeley
  • Jason Watkins as Solomon Coop

Taboo season 2

Apart from the actors reviving their roles, there will also be a wide array of new faces, as Knight hinted in an interview, “He’s assembled quite the diverse collective… There’s a strange nobility as well about that crew, the sort of not-so-polished members of society,”

We can not say for sure who will join James on his journey, but the description provided by the creator seems promising of a diverse cast.

When will Taboo Season 2 air

Steven Knight informed the viewers that he had finished writing the second season. And while the production is still underway, he has already formed plans about a third season. “If we all stick with it and we all want to keep doing it, it would be three [seasons]. That’s my plan.”

All things go well, and we could receive the second season by the end of 2020. That is, if things go as planned, and the actors can manage their schedules.