Netflix’s Russian Doll Renewed for Season 2: Catch up with all that you need to know: Will we be stuck in Time loop again?

Debuted on Netflix on February 1, 2019: Netflix’s Russian Doll is an American series filled with mystery and comedy-drama, starring Emmy nominated actress Natasha Lyonne.


With Four Prime Time Emmy Nominations for the first season itself, the show was renewed for the second season back in July 2019.

Though the fans would love to see the second season premiering in 2020, it seems very unlikely with no promo or trailer. No announcements related to the release of the show has been made whatsoever.


Inspired by the movie GROUNDHOG DAY, the series opens with Nadia’s 36th birthday, who soon realizes that she is stuck in a time loop, living the same and dying in the end, over and over again.
She meets Alan, and another man stuck in the loop. While they traverse their days, they discover that they are stuck in a video game, and the path to escape is to change something about themselves that makes them feel guilty.

While her mother’s death is Nadia’s guilt, Alan realizes his role in his girlfriend’s infidelity. The series ends with the breaking of the loop.

We aren’t quite sure of what to expect from season two. However, the show can go anywhere from here. We need to trust the production to create something more captivating. Will our protagonist get stuck in another time loop?

The show has been announced to be a three-season long, which indicates that there is an outline for the upcoming seasons, with mu h more drama and comedy already.

Only time will reveal it to us.


The show is Impossible without Natasha Lyonne not just as our lead character NADIA, but also as an executive director, producer, and writer.

Charlie Barnett played the role of Alan and is expected to return for season 2 as well.

Greta Lee as Maxine, Nadia’s friend.

Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth Brenner, a close family friend of Nadia

Yul Vazquez as John Reyes, Nadia’s ex-boyfriend

Chloe Savigny could be seen reprising the role of Nadia’s mother.