The Dragon Prince to premiere its Season 4 soon. Catch up with the Release date, cast, plot and the updates

Netflix’s The Dragon Prince is an animated series created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz, in association with Bardel Entertainment.

The first season of the show premiered in September 2018 following the second on February 15, 2019, and the third season on November 22, 2019.

The hype created by the show is making it difficult for the viewers to wait for the upcoming season.
Here’s what you need to catch up on.


While the third season ended a few months ago, The Dragon Prince Team has already announced two more seasons, i.e. four and five shortly.

According to the anticipations made so far, we hear that it would release somewhere around May 2020, owing to the time required to create the animations.

However, a confirmation awaits from the side of the team.


Following the pattern of release of trailers for the previous seasons, it seems that the container will premiere only a few months before the original version of the show.

If we follow the May Trail, we can expect the trailer to release in March or April 2020.


Set upon the mystic continent of Xadia in a fantasy world, there is magic, which is derived from the elements of sun, moon, ocean, earth, sky, and the stars. Humans introduced another aspect: The Dark Magic, which led to a disturbance in harmony between the elves, animals, and humans.

The first season depicts the beginning of the war, between the elf and the human on the grounds of killing the dragon king and his heirs. However, with the discovery of the eggs, and hatching of the egg into Dragon Prince, Zinn marks the end of season one.

The second season shows Viren rallying the other human kingdoms into war against Xadia, and makes a secretive alliance with Aaravos. However, at the end of the season, Viren is imprisoned on the charges of treason and misuse of Balck Magic. Ezra returns to claim his throne.

The third and the recent most season shows the defeat of Viren’s army, which is then thrown off the Summit of Spire by Rayla. But, Claudia revives him, using her black magic.


Callum, half brother of Ezran

Rayla, in a deep relationship with Callum

Ezran, the King of Katolis

Viren, the Dark Magic Practitioner

Claudia, Viren’s talented daughter