Alita Battle Angel 2 Plot, Cast, Release Date, Trailer; Every thing we know so far abut the sequel to 2019 Sci-Fi Movie.

The live-action film Alita Battle Angel based on the Japanese manga Gunnm series, is ready to come back with a sequel. James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s Alita Battle Angel, released on 8 Feb 2019, received mixed reactions. The audience mostly appreciated it. Rumors have it that the sequel would be in production next year as all ongoing plans have been put on hold due to the continuing spread of COVID-19.

The Plot for the upcoming sequel?

Alita, in the last movie after a staggering war of 300 years, was found by Dr. Ido in the dumping yard as a female cyborg, with a perfect human mind. However, the body was annihilated. He called her Alita after he fixed her. The first film follows her excursion as she investigates the spot and experiences individuals en route.
Alita last we saw, lost her lover Hugo and came to terms with herself and her place in the world. She rose to become a Motorball champion. The questions the sequel is looking to answer are What happened to Alita during ” The Fall “? What does Nova want from Alita? What is the city of Zalem like?

The likes of the next Alita Battle Angel movies of being a prequel or sequel of the initial one are unknown. If it goes for a prequel, then Alita’s life before losing her memory can be known.

The Cast?

When interviewed, Rosa Salazar guaranteed her part in the sequel with “I would play Alita till my last breath,” Christoph Waltz is expected to be back as Alita’s surrogate scientist and a bounty hunter, father, Dr. Dyson Ido. Edward Norton is all set to play the enigmatic Nova again. A new character Clive Lee is set to make a debut though it is still unclear who would be cast.

Has a trailer been released yet?

As of yet, no trailers for the sequel have been released. The hashtag #AlitaSequel spiked on the twitter with 33,000 upvotes. The fans of the movie now eagerly await the sequel and the trailer.