There`s God and There`s Season Six of Peaky Blinders. Shelby Family`s Return on Cards.

BBC has finally decided to bring forth the sixth season of one of its best running shows, Peaky Blinders. A gripping finale to its fifth season had left the fans in dismay. Eventually, BBC clarified that most of the crew members are returning for the sixth segment of this epic saga. Creator Steve Knight stated in an interview with the Birmingham Press Club that after season four, they were in a conflicted state of mind, but discussions with Cillian Murphy and the rest of the crew prompted him to make season five. The cliffhanger of a finale has now paved his way to have another season filled with gut-wrenching action sequences and exquisite dialogues by the star-studded lineup.

The cast of Season 6

Cillian Murphy returns as Tommy Shelby, who is in dismay over the failed attempt to assassinate Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin). Thus, Sam`s return is imminent. Tom Hardy, as the diabolic Mr. Alfie Solomons, is another character of importance. Fans are pretty sure of not seeing the last of him. The ghost of Grace Shelby (Annabelle Wallis) would probably be returning to hallucinate Tommy in season six. The usual suspects who are likely to make a sizeable part of the crew include Natasha O’Keeffe as Lizzie, Jordan Bolger as Isaish, Packy Lee as Johnny Dogs, Charlie Murphy as Jessie, and Harry Kirton as Finn. Anya Taylor-Joy, as Gina Gray, will also return to continue her take-over schemes. We are yet to know about the character of Aunt Polly(Helen McCrory) in season six.  Let`s hope she is there to keep the wild Shelby brothers in line.

Plot and Release Date

The production team has successfully managed to keep the storyline hidden from the media houses> It intends to keep the audience in suspense before bringing in the ‘heavy artillery’ in the words of mighty Peaky Blinders. The ill-effects of COVID19 has not spared the production timeline of this iconic TV series. The premier of the 1st episode is not expected to hit the small screen before 2021. The cast and crew wish safety to one and all. Stay tuned as the Peaky Blinders set to march back in town.