Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Plot, Release Date, Updates, What should a fan expect?

What has caught the attention of fans is the impending love triangle that season 17 of Grey’s anatomy will bring. Will Meredith have to choose between DeLuca and Cormac Hayes?

Meredith has been involved with DeLuca for a while now, but season 16 has complicated matters with the arrival of Cormac Hayes.

Krista Vernoff, the showrunner, has claimed that even she doesn’t know who to root for. She says that DeLuca might rise to be a more mature partner for Meredith, or Hayes may prove a better partner since he has already been made mature owing to all his experiences. The showrunner has expressed her delight in having such a conundrum in the show.

The most recent season, 16, has come to a premature halt after things got worse with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The showrunner has also confessed that what had been written for the show has had an unintended effect on the portrayal. The screenplay has translated to screen differently due to the interpretations by various actors.

Due to this, the showrunner has acknowledged that she has no idea how the show will end. DeLuca, however, will continue his role as Meredith’s love interest in the next season as well.

Hayes, on the other hand, ha joined the show last season. He had lost his wife to cancer, which has made him a single dad with two kids to look after. His past aligns with that of Meredith, as she had also lost a lover in the past who has left behind their children for her to take care of. This commonality might bring them closer together.

What will happen will only be made clear in the new season. Fans will just have to wait it out to find out who wins Meredith’s heart.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently streaming on Netflix. As we wait for the new season, it is a great time now to catch up on old episodes or consider rewatching your favorite episodes to refresh your memory.

We neither have a trailer nor a release date for the new season. Keep checking in for more updates!

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