Sarah Grey & Jake Manley are Back with The Order Season 2: Plot, Release Date & New Updates


The Order is a supernatural Horror -drama made by creator Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton. The show revolves around the life of Jack Morton when he joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

This is a secret society Jack Morton, is a student who decides to go on a journey to avenge who is on a mission to avenge the death of his mother’s death. As he joins the society, he gradually is led down a dark path of magic and intrigue. He discovers his father was also part of the same society.

The fight between werewolves and the dark arts is revealed to him as well. The show revolves around these family secrets and is a journey of self-discovery for Jack.

Season 2

Good news for fans of the show, The Order has been renewed for a second 2 by Netflix. In the second season, we witness Jack’s memory being entirely erased. Fans are excited to watch what comes next since the cliffhanger is pretty huge.

We don’t have a trailer yet for the second season since the second one just ended. However, an announcement video has been released for the show. This shows the characters pouring a potion into an old book. The book eventually bursts into raging flames. Does this mean that we are in for a shocking revelation in the new season? The announcement video is more like a teaser for the upcoming season.

Alyssa, a character played by the actress Sarah Grey has revealed that the new season will contain more levity and humor. The cast and creators hope that audiences will find it entertaining and hilarious.

The Order Season 2 Release Date

Even though the new season’s release date hasn’t been announced, production for the show had already started in Vancouver in the summer of 2019. Through this, we can make a calculated guess that the show might release anytime in 2020. This, assuming the whole pandemic situation, comes to rest soon.


Jake Manley plays the role of Jack Morton in the show and is expected to reprise his role. Sarah Grey will play his love interest, Alyssa, once again. Will be back as Jack, and Sarah Grey will appear as Alyssa once again.

The show’s new season will have ten episodes, just like the last one.

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