Attack on Titans Season 4 Release Date CONFIRMED, October 2020: Plot fo Final Season & Other Major Updates

The popular anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is soon returning with its final arc. But Alas!!  It will be the finale season, because the manga series has already been completed by Hajime Isayama on April 9, 2020. Both the manga series and anime was a huge success which grabbed the attention of people around the globe.

The series, because of its dark fantasy, gluttony, and explicit blood battle, attracted many anime freaks to watch the series. Back in 2013, when the anime first premiered, it took its culture to the next level. People had a misconception that anime involves only love affair. But the myth was broken when people were lured by its storyline and bold action scenes. After receiving so much love, when will the fourth season air?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date

The last season left us all in a cliffhanger and some unanswered questions and mysteries to be resolved in season 4. As per the announcement, the fourth season will air in October 2020.

After giving us all back to back three seasons, and now with the finale season coming out, the anime will be gone forever. But it will rule the hearts of people who cherished each and every season and all the journey together.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Recap

In the last season, we witness the heated battle between Eren and Reiner. And it also unveils the secrets that were kept away from people for 100 years. The citizens came to know about the dark truth behind the world and about the man-eaters (Titans).

The survey cops and Eren sets on a journey outside the border to know more about their past. And they realize that Marley is the one who has been turning Indians into Titans. The last episode ends on a realization note when Eren smells the danger across the sea.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot ( Fan Theories, Major spoiler)

The plot of season 4 is quite difficult to anticipate, but there are several fan theories circulating in the air based on the manga series. A lot of fans have been formulating that the ending of Attack on Titans will be bittersweet. As many characters will shed their blood in the battle, but eventually, peace will come after their sacrifice. It is also expected that Misaka will play an important role in the finale season.

In November 2018, a video was tweeted showing Isayama drawing the last panel of the manga. In which there are a small baby and a man. The rough sketch shows a dialogue that is in Japanese; when translated, it says, ” you are free.” Some fans are speculating it to be Eren with his child in the future where the curse is eliminated while some fans are coming up with the theory of time loop.

Some fan theories also suggest that Eren dies, and in his flashbacks, he sees himself with his father. When he was small, who claims Eren that he is free from the curse now. It is somewhat giving a hint to the fact that in the manga, Isayama suggests Misaka the following words ” will it be tears or smile that she will bring in the end.” With all these fan theories, one thing is sure we are going to have an emotional breakdown.

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