Is Rami Malek Coming with Mr Robot Season 5 or Is it Cancelled? Release Date & Other Major Updates

The duo of the Psychic, melancholic Cybersecurity engineer, and Rebellious Nihilist ” Mr Robot ” lead to the upsurge of the biggest mission. Targeting the E Corp to wreck all the consumer data to nullify the debts under the cult known as fsociety.

The critically acclaimed Psychology thriller drama Mr. Robot made its appearance on June 24, 2015. And generated a massive fan base because of its intimidating storyline and character. Sam Esmail did a prodigious job directing the series and he deserves all the appreciation for that.

The series is addictive on its own because of its direction and intricately woven storyline. Plus the main bonus point being the casts who amazed us with its character portrayal. It felt like each cast was made for the series and no one could ever fit in.

Moreover no one could have played the role of a deceased, socially awkward hacker Eilot Alderson better than Rami Malek. And also the role of ”  Mr Robot ”  played by none other than Christian Slater.

Their characters was so one of the main reasons for the series to gain that realistic approach and intensity. Which allowed them to win the Golden Globe Award.

Special thanks to all the team who made the show worth entertaining.

Mr Robot Season 5 Release Date News

The series blessed us with back to back four seasons. But unfortunately season 4 was the finale. The first season aired on the USA Network on June 24, 2015. Due to its initial success and reception from people. The series was renewed for Its second installment, which was released on July 13, 2016.

Consecutively it gave us season three which  aired on October 11, 2017. And The fourth and final season premiered between October 6, 2019 and December 22, 2019. After all these years of filling our life with thrill and suspense. It’s such a bummer that the series will not return for season 5.