Patrick Rothfuss’ The Doors of Stone Release Date CONFIRMED by Amazon, August 2020: Kingkiller Chronicles Final Book is Here

Many books are in their process of completion. Fans are constantly contemplating on their releases. In addition to that, authors are getting hard on themselves, giving deadlines.

One of the most-awaited releases is that of Winds of Winter. Thus, Martin giving himself a deadline until July 2020. If not, then he would get into imprisonment.

This shows the amount of enthusiasm the fantasy world upholds. Authors get mingled up with writing plans lasting a decade. However, fans still stick by them. Also, a lot many trilogies have left incomplete. One of these is The Doors of Stone.

The release date has constantly fluctuated for the same. However, it was rumored that the novel would release this year! Is it true? Keep reading to find out.


The novel’s release date has fluctuated from 2014 to 2018. Though, we didn’t see the end of the trilogy. However, a word has passed on that, we’re likely to witness it in August 2020.

Though, Rothfuss has cleared stuff regarding his deadlines. Apparently, the book would release after it’s completion, editing, and proof-reading. The author isn’t in the mood of working with a deadline. Thus, witnessing the novel with Kvothe’s

adventures will be worth the wait.


In 2013, the first picture of The Doors of Stone was revealed on Google+. Later, in February 2015, Rothfuss mentioned about the novel having 13 subplots.

Getting them balanced with one another would be crucial and critical. Rothfuss is keen to provide his readers with the best of experiences. Moreover, readers have been waiting for fantasy for a long time. Thus, Rothfuss is making it worth everyone’s wait.

Though, after four long years, no news about the book was out. Thus, giving us an impression of it being well planned. So are you excited for an adventurous read?