NBA 2k21: Cross Platform Rumored, Xbox Series X, PS5 & Release Date, Gameplay & Other Updates

2 k’s transition from 360 and PS3 to the next-gen consoles won many of us over instantly.

When the 2k14 trailer dropped, showcasing the jump they made. It was graphically not just for the franchise but the next-gen gaming.

Shocking for us how realistic Le Bron James’s hairline looked and the lighting effects are yet to be matched. And with new consoles in hardware, the 2k series won’t repeat itself with subsequent graphical downgrades the series. More than upcoming sports titles will benefit greatly from the power of the new console.


  1. Increased Frame Rate: NBA 2k21 has a new technology at their disposal. With a much more powerful GPU, 2k sports is going to be able to do a lot.
    Mainly more than 2k14. Higher frame rates up to 120 frames per second are graphically shown. Both systems exceed the standard 60 will be able to display a higher level of detail on screen.
    They will also be capable of allowing more things to happen on screen at a smoother rate. Their most popular model, my career, and neighborhood are due for a major upgrade, which is due for a major upgrade.
  2. Better Lightning: X box series and PS5 will equip with 8k support and ray tracing tech. It is used in CGI and movie productions. This is how they used to make hulk next to Thor using correct lighting. Thus ray tracing tech is in video games.
  3. Unlocked Potential: The hardware of PS4 and X box has been a bit of a hurdle to put in some stuff they wanted to do, so they have two dials. There is an increase in animations, player-specific animations that we see a game plan better-looking.
    It has more variations in how players will act when they collide.
  4. Huge AI Improvements: better hardware allows significant improvements in AI. For the superhuman skills like 20 or 25 CPU has struggled to stay ahead of humans.
  5. Faster Load Times: the long loading times will be things of the past. Accidentally clicking my team and waiting for an hour or taking-7 minutes to reach the neighborhood.

Even though  NBA 2k21 removed many features like VIP system, free throws, Jordan Challenge, etc. it’ll be a banger.

For more updates, Stay tuned.

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