“MINECRAFT RTX” Release Date!!! Details about the Game are here

Minecraft RTX has been made available for everyone on April 16. RTX potentially brings the next generation for the Minecraft visuals. The new feature brings in features like lightings, reflections, shadows, and more. These days RTX has been one of the hottest buzzwords in gaming.

Nvidia unveiled there RTX line up of graphics card, which comes with this capability. This features realistic lightings and the environment in 3d space. It can produce a life-like image of anything without much effort from the artist and developers. It was started pushing in 2018. Even still an RTX  graphics card are very costly

Performance of the game

Nvidia had to make a DLSS so that the game is playable when using RTX. Because without it, the game is completely inaccessible with framerates of 25 to 35. With DLSS enabled with RTX, you can get a 40 to 60 fps during a normal session of gameplay.

The developer needed to make new texture maps for the game for the RTX to work as the old packs were unsuitable.

The next-gen consoles

By the time the next-generation game consoles like PS5 and Xbox series X start hitting the market, the Minecraft RTX will be fixed and payable. Because the new-gen of consoles is way more powerful than any current PC, and they all have a very powerful graphics card installed in them.

The Minecraft RTX is only available for the bedrock edition of the game and is still in the beta phase. The game mode can be easily turned off and on as per desire as of now only six Minecraft world are available for RTX integration, but it is hoped that it will be patched out soon.

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