Endeavour Season 8 Renewal CONFIRMED: Cast, Plot, Release Date & Other Major Details

After dropping seven seasons successfully, the British mystery drama series has been renewed for Its eight season. The series was created by Russell Lewis and first premiered on January 2, 2012, in the United Kingdom.

The series depicts the mysterious events of murders taking place. Our protagonist Endeavour Morse, who is a detective, engages himself in solving various mysteries with almost intelligence and astounding attribute.

The series has an excellent rating throughout the season, and fans are hooked by this mystifying drama since forever. Humans always like to engage themselves in puzzling things filled with suspicion. And that’s what exactly the fans have been doing so far.

As far as the series is concerned, fans never failed to anticipate things by their theories. Which, by all means, makes it all more interesting. The last season they were aired on February 9, 2020, with three episodes. So when are we getting the series back?

Endeavour Season 8 Release Date

For now, season eight has been confirmed by ITV, and it is suspected to be released in 2021. Still, there are no confirmed dates yet.

However, the renewal of the eighth season was announced two weeks prior to season seven. If everything goes as planned by the team amidst the pandemic, then we may get the season at the end of 2021.

Endeavour Season 8 Future Expectations (plot)

In the last season, we see Endeavour in Venice and his blooming relationship with Violetti Talenti. The whole season is circled around the murders occurring on a towpath. The recurring murders build perplexity, and with no choice left, Thursday apprehends Carl Sturgis on a hypothetical note.

In the last episode, Morse gets a clearer vision of all this quandary and heads back to Venice. Where he first met Violetta only to find out that he was being used for a plan for his husband, Ludo.

Season 8 will kick off from where it left, and we might get some unanswered mysteries being resolved as Morse may carry forward with his investigations.

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