Knives out 2 CONFIRMED by Director & Daniel Craig is Returning: Release Date, Storyline, Cast & Other Updates

May 29, 2020 2:06 pm EDT 2:06 pm EDT

Rian Johnson’s directed movie “KNIVES OUT,” which impressed a lot of audience after its release in 2019, is soon gonna come back with its sequel. Yes, the news of its arrival is no more a rumor.

In an interview, Rian Johnson himself discussed the plan of action of coming up with the next part of KNIVES OUT. He said that he never wanted the movie to come to an end. Therefore, it will be a part of the pleasure for him to direct the sequel. You can have a look at the interview by visiting the YouTube video


The whole cast of the sequel has not yet revealed, but Daniel Craig’s role of playing the detective has been shown a green signal once again. Rian Johnson said that he would be interested in casting Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc every time he comes up with a sequel.

The production had plans to release the movie in 2020, but its route has been obstructed by the major pandemic COVID-19. Now the movie is expected to get released by 2021. No official validation of the release date is yet confirmed.


The murder mystery movie “ KNIVES OUT ” was a hit of the year 2019 because of its fascinating plot. The murder mystery is a genre that hardly lets anyone feel bored. The suspense of getting the culprit revealed is no less than the ecstasy of solving a labyrinth for the viewers.

The storyline of the KNIVES OUT was based on solving the death case of the novelist Harlan Thrombey (the character played by Christopher Plummer) by the detective Benoit Blanc (the character played by Daniel Craig).

But the plot of the sequel is going to be different from the KNIVES OUT. However, Daniel Craig will be back in action playing the role of detective Benoit Blanc once again. KNIVES OUT 2 will present a new mystery case; the storyline will no more continue to revolve around the Thrombey family.

KNIVES OUT, with its success last year, put a challenge to its own coming sequel. The movie was praised by all and bagged many awards too. Fans are waiting for a more interesting plot this time. Hope Rian Johnson will not let down his fans.

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