[Confirmed] Young Justice Season 4 Will Drop 2020, Lex Luthor Steps Up as Main Villain

June 3, 2020 3:48 pm EDT 3:48 pm EDT

Young Justice will return for the fourth season, which follows a group of young superheroes fighting crimes while dealing there normal teenage life. The animated series started airing form on November 26, 2010 but was later canceled after two seasons in 2013.

The fans of the Young Justice were delighted after Warner Bros. Animation announced that the series will return for the third season after three years in 2016. The third season was officially titled as Young Justice: Outsiders and was released on January 4, 2019. The first two seasons aired on Cartoon Network, and the third season aired on DC’s streaming platform, DC Universe.

Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman, the creators of the animated series appeared in 2019 San Diego Comic-Con and revealed that they are planning for the fourth season. The DC Universe then renewed the animated series for one more season.  The third season of Young Justice was a tremendous success for Warner Bros. Animation and DC Universe. The fourth season is also expected to follow the same and reach the same height.

Warner Media recently launched their new streaming platform, HBO Max, and fans were wondering where the fourth season of Young Justice will air. The reports claimed that the fourth season would be exclusively released on streaming service, DC Universe. As for now, DC Universe is available in the US and few associated territories. We don’t know when the media company will expand both streaming services outside the US.

A reputable source confirmed that DC Universe will air the fourth season of Young Justice after completion of the Season Two of Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol’s Season Two will start streaming from June 25, 2020, and will possibly run for at least three months. The fourth season of Young Justice might air in 2020 Holiday season, after October or in December 2020.

While we don’t know what might happen in season four but showrunner, Weisman recently confirmed that the genius and villainous Lex Luthor will take a more central role as the season’s primary antagonist.

Aashish Dotel