Aidy Bryant starrer Shrill Season 3 is going to be back with a bang!!!! Here are all the updates, release date, cast, plot and more!!

June 30, 2020 10:19 am EDT 10:19 am EDT

Shrill is a well-known web television series. It is an adaptation of the book “Shrill: notes from a loud woman” by Lindy West. It premiered on Hulu on 15th March 2019. On the same day, a total of 6 episodes were released.

The fans adored it immensely. As a result, a second season was announced on 15th April 2019. The season of 8 episodes premiered on 24th January. The makers have now announced a season 3.

When can you expect from Shrill Season 3 ??

The filming of Shrill is normally done when the lead Aidy Bryant playing Annie has a break from her show “Saturday Night Live”.  But, considering the grave situation that the world is facing one cannot be sure about the exact date. Moreover, an official date for the release has not been announced by the makers. Speculations suggest this season will also have eight episodes.

Any new characters in Shrill Season 3 ??

You can expect to see the main cast that is Aidy Bryant playing Annie, Lolly Adeeope playing Fran, Luka jones playing Ryan, Jhon Cameron Mitchell playing Gabe Parrish, and Ian Owens playing Amadi.

Along with them, you can expect to see some new faces in this installment. One can also expect to see Julia Sweeney and Daniel Stern who play Annie’s parents.

The Storyline of Shrill Season 3 :

Annie is a young woman who wants people to know her because of her talent and abilities. On her way to becoming a top journalist, she has to deal with her life and the judgment she has been facing all her life because of her weight. While dealing with all this she realizes that she is as good as anyone and is hell-bent on letting people realize it as well.

Season 2 finale showed the breakup of Annie and her boyfriend Ryan. So, one can expect to see a new love life for Annie in season 3.

Here’s something to keep you connected to Annie!!

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