Alita Battle Angel 2: Rosa Salazar Will Be Back, Release Date and Expected Cast

June 30, 2020 4:13 am EDT 4:13 am EDT

Rosa Bianca Salazar will return as a female cyborg of the of Iron City in the planned sequel of 2019’s Alita Battle Angel. She previously appeared in 2018’s Maze Runner: The Death Cure, but made her major breakthrough in Alita Battle Angel. Alita Battle Angel will always be an important part of her film career, having said that, she wouldn’t let go of her chances of returning.

The cyberpunk action film deserves a sequel because there are lots of places and aspects that didn’t get explored. Meanwhile, the film had a cameo appearance from various A-lister actors like Edward Norton, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jai Courtney. No filmmakers would include such big stars without planning a potential future for them. Norton’s character Nova seemed an important character in the story but the film didn’t explore much of his story.

As for now, there isn’t any official confirmation regarding the release of a potential sequel. However, everyone linked with the project believes that there would be a sequel. Producer James Cameroon had planned for multiple sequels after the release of Alita Battle Angel. Cameroon, in an interview with BBC Radio 1, hinted few titles for upcoming sequels. He mentioned that they had planned for Alita: Fallen Angel, and then Alita: Avenging Angel after the release of Alita: Battle Angel.

In a short time, Alita Battle Angel has dedicated fanbase…

The sci-fi received mixed reviews from the critics but performed well at the box office. The movie grossed $404.8 million worldwide and developed a dedicated fanbase for the story based on manga, Gunnm. Christoph Waltz reported that the release of sequel is unlikely due to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. The recent reports claimed that Disney is ready to offer James Cameroon a job to write and produce a sequel of Alita: Battle Angel.

James Cameroon, however, claimed that he wouldn’t work on other projects until the release of Avatar 2. Cameroon is currently working on Avatar 2 and simultaneously producing Avatar 3. Alita: Battle Angel will probably release after Avatar 2’s arrival on December 17, 2021.

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Aashish Dotel