“Alita: Battle Angel Sequel”: Alita, Dr. Dyson are coming once again!! Read here to know about cast, release date, plot and more!!

June 30, 2020 3:40 pm EDT 3:40 pm EDT

Cyberpunk action films are not a genre with a rich history in the English movie-loving society. However, they are quickly gaining ground on the traditional movies. They are fast-paced, witty, and self-explanatory to most viewers. This, in turn, brings more audience under the viewership umbrella. Good word of mouth has made this segment a rising star among its peers. A shining star of the constellation is Alita: Battle Angel.

It is based on the series Gunnm, a brainchild of Japanese manga artist Yukito Kishiro in the 1990s. Few sequences are also the outcome of an animation video sequence of 1993, co-incidentally also of the name, Battle Angel. James Cameron is at the helm of this cinematic experience. However, he is just the support system to the charismatic director Robert Rodriguez. After the success of the first part, they are lining up to have a second part as well.

The cast of the Sequel

Rosa Salazar is the person playing the titular role of Alita. She is a female cyborg who is revived from the dead. She suffers from amnesia. Christoph Waltz stars in the role of Dr. Dyson Ido, a father figure of Alita. Jennifer Connelly stars as the ex-wife of Dr. Ido, Dr. Chiren. Mahershala Ali is Vector, the highly powerful and influential having deep criminal connections. Ed Skrein shines in the role of Zapan, who is a sword expert cyborg bounty hunter.

Jackie Earle Haley stars as Grewishka. Keean Johnson is in the role of Hugo, the love interest of Alita. Lana Condor is going to play the role of Koyomi. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is in the role of scrap dealing behemoth Tanji. Eiza González is in the role of the criminal cyborg assassin Nyssiana. Jeff Fahey is the leader of cyborg warrior dogs, McTeague. Idara Victor is the main assistant of Ido, Nurse Gerhard. Rick Yune stars as the hunter warrior Master Clive Lee who has reportedly 207 kills.

Release Date of the Sequel

The people in charge are quite optimistic about work starting on this project. However, the COVID19 pandemic has put a dent on the timeline. Hopefully, the work restarts quickly. We will likely see the major impact of the work in 12-18months post resumption.

A late 2021/early 2022 release cant be ruled out.

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Sudeep Kumar Sahu