Extraction 2: Joe Russo Confirms Chris Hemsworth is Returning in the Sequel, Release Date & other information

June 30, 2020 2:25 pm EDT 2:25 pm EDT

Extraction 2

Extraction proved to be the biggest hit on Netflix this year. Unsurprisingly the story was so interesting where two parties were there to rescue one kid still worked opposite to each other.

Extraction two will be the real excitement for all of us. On April 4, Joe Russo just confirmed that he is about to start the script of extraction two.  Every person has their look in the movie, but this is a real masterpiece. The end of the movie left some questions in our mind which have no way out.

Extraction 2 Release Date

There is no official information regarding the release date of extraction 2. This ultimately discovers the sad part; we need to wait. The whole world is fighting with unnecessary issues COVID-19; no interaction is possible at this time.

We guess as the situations going on are not healthy, and even the script is not ready yet. The first sequel was aired this April we can expect next in 2022.


We certainly lack the source of information for the plot. There is no official spoiler out or not even a trailer; this is really tough to predict the story. Part one was brilliantly prepared in every sense. We hope they will do the same in 2.

As we said earlier they left a question in the end, Tyler is the lead-in story with ovi, rudraksha Jaiswal. The end was really adventurous even when Chris and Randeep Hooda come together to save the kid, but unfortunately, Randeep dies.

It’s hard to commit, but we assume the story will be continued but with new characters and especially some new twists and turns. Who hasn’t watched extraction, one can read the recap below.

Recap of extraction

The end was dark; we saw Chris denies leaving the kid behind to save himself from kidnappers. The way leads to take him till death, where he got shot in his neck and jumped into the river. Randeep dies, but there is no confirmation that Tyler survived or not. Although there is no chance of living still, his comeback is expected.

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