“Fruit Basket Season 2” : Yuki and Akito are coming!!Read here to know about plot and more details!!

June 30, 2020 3:20 pm EDT 3:20 pm EDT

The shojo anime Fruit Basket surprised it’s a fan when TMS Entertainment, along with Crunchy-roll, decided to bring back the 2001 quintessential series. After almost a decade, it made its appearance in April 2019 and consisted of 25 episodes that are available on Netflix.

Not to mention, but for those of you who are waiting for season 2. The anime has already started its operation from April 6, 2020, in Japan and is still on-air. Sadly its is not available on Netflix yet, but you can watch it on sites like gogoanime or kickass anime.


Till now, the anime has released seven episodes, and the first episode is titled ” Hello Again ”. The episode gives us a sight of Motoko Minagawa’s growing feelings for Yuki. And her concern and resentment towards Tohru in the opening scene. Meanwhile, Tohru is on her own reverie, reminiscing her journey throughout the year with Shigure. Most of them are busy in school activity for the Student Council board.

Following the next episodes, five of them Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Hanajima, and Uo decide to eat together and discuss the career plans. But the discussion is interrupted by Uo’s off-topic remark. I am asking Tohru to make a decision to choose either Yuki or Kyo.

The events take place rapidly, and we come to know about Tokyo’s struggling relationship with his father. Further, later they both end up having a deep conversation about their future plans. And Tohru almost has an emotional breakdown thinking of her mother as well as her career.

After an escalation of events, finally, the summer break starts. We see Tohru and Sohma boys on a quest, everyone seems busy with their own work. But meanwhile, we witness a storming and heated conversation between the duo Arisa and Kureno.

The most recent episode titled ” Let’s Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest! ”  aired on May 18, 2020. We see Tohru on a deadline to finish off her homework with the help of Yuki. So that they can all enjoy the vacations together. Meanwhile, Yuki’s eye catches the attention of an old hat in her room and asks her about it.

Tohru replies to him that she kept this as a souvenir when a boy helped her when she lost track of her sight. This being the major spoiler!! That the boy was none other than Yuki himself. But there is more to this season with a lot of twists and turn. Akito finally made his appearance, but it seems like he will give Kyo and Yuki a tough time.

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