Iran wants Donald Trump ARRESTED, Iranian prosecutor Asked INTERPOL to Help and Issue ‘Red Notice’

June 30, 2020 3:45 pm EDT 3:45 pm EDT

Iran reportedly wants to arrest the US President, Donald Trump and has asked INTERPOL for help. The middle-east country has now issued an arrest warrant against the president and wishes to detain him early. Iran even asked for help with Interpol to detain the president of the US, along with several other officials who were involved in carrying out a drone strike that killed the top Iranian general in January.

A top Iranian general, General Qassem Soleimani died after the US carried out a drone attack near Baghdad International Airport on January 3. The semi-official news agency of the country, ISNA reported that the public prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr accused Donald Trump and 30 other officials in the involvement of drone attack. Trump and 30 others face murder and terrorism charges in the country of Iran.

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Interpol, however, issued a statement claiming that they don’t have any right to intervene in any political, military, racial, and religious matter of the two or more countries involved. Interpol would further not valid such requests, even it is sent to the General Secretariat. Meanwhile, Brian Hook, US’s Iran envoy mentioned that the accusation was just a propaganda stunt.

But, prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr claimed that it wasn’t the case and Iran would continue to pursue the prosecution of Donald Trump and others involved after the end of his presidency. There is no chance that Trump would be arrested, but such actions would result in more increased tensions between the two countries. Alqasimehr hasn’t been able to identify the other 30 officials other than President Donald Trump.

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Killing top general and Tehran’s withdrawal of nuclear deal with world powers has already heightened the tensions between the two countries.
Hook mentioned that Interpol doesn’t have anything to do with political nature such as that. Interpol wouldn’t issue a red-notice likewise, as requested by Iran. The ‘propaganda stunt’ also doesn’t have anything to do with international peace and national security.
General Soleimani used to command the Revolutionary Guard Corps’s expeditionary Quds Force.

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