Ahh!! Money Heist Star Itziar Ituno is Tested Positive for Coronavirus. Is she going to die?

June 30, 2020 2:57 pm EDT 2:57 pm EDT

The outbreak of COVID_19 or coronavirus has affected people worldwide. Many celebrities have tested positive with coronavirus, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Idris Elba, etc. Even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was tested positive.

That being said, the latest celebrity to test positive for coronavirus is our beloved Money Heist star Itziar Ituno. Fans will be more familiar with her as the fearless inspector or unfettered Lisboa (Lisbon) in the Spanish TV Series La Casa de Papel.

The Spanish actress confirmed her diagnosis on Instagram. She wrote

I’ve had the symptoms since Friday afternoon, and today we got the test results, which came back positive.”

She, however, told her fans that she has only mild symptoms.

Itziar stars in one of the most popular and trending series on Netflix. The show recently released its fourth season on 3rd April 2020.

She cautioned people on Instagram saying.

“Do not take it lightly; there are lives at stake, and we still do not know how far this will go. It’s time for solitude and generosity! From Staying Home and protecting others.”

Itziar Ituno starred in various films before her rise to worldwide fame in Money Heist. Recently, she has starred in films like El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca in 2019, Basque Selfie in 2018, and Tarde para el recreo in 2017. Her first role was that of a lesbian policewoman in the soap opera Goenka.

Apart from acting in very hit films, she is also a singer in three bands; Dangiliske, EZ3, and INGOT. She has also done various roles in the theatre for plays like Yo Soy Pichichi in 2018. Her fans will be praying for her to get well and be safe with her family and friends.

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