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Spy x Family manga volumes’ sales almost double in two months!


Spy x Family
The Forgers are enjoying some quality time. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

The Spy x Family manga volumes have exceeded 21 million copies in circulation and is still going strong. It added 8.5 million copies in circulation in two months!

The anime premiered on April 9, 2022, and the English dub came out on April 16, with episode 8 releasing earlier this week! Spy x Family has seen its ups and downs since the anime began, but the fans have spoken.

Both the anime and the manga are amazing and will be here for a long time. So, congratulations to everyone involved with Spy x Family; I can’t wait for Spy x Family Episode 9!

Panel from the Spy x Family manga featuring Anya Forger with a smug face saying, "Heh."
The smug Anya ‘heh’ meme has been a popular react image — already finding its way onto t-shirts and merchandise of the Spy x Family series. Pic credit: mangaka Tatsuya Endou.

What else is happening in the Spy x Family manga?

The Spy x Family manga volume 9 came out in Japan on April 3, 2022, but English fans can expect the eighth volume to come out on September 20, 2022. The manga has dominated high rankings and has been in 4th occasionally.

Spy x Family has been nominated for the Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia Eisner Award. It’s competing with Chainsaw Man, Kaiju no. 8, Lovesickness: Junji Ito Story Collection, Robo Sapiens: Tales of Tomorrow Omnibus, and Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

Other manga that is increasing sales partly due to their anime adaptations.

It doesn’t matter what came first because anime is the best advertisement manga can get. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read, and novels are king in my heart.

But seeing and hearing what’s happening in your favorite series is magical. For example, I’ve watched Another and Greipnir, and now I want to read the manga and the novels!

I read Spy x Family volume 6, which was one of the reasons I decided to watch the anime, which led me to one of the best anime I’ve seen.

Jujutsu Kaisen

With season 2 coming out in 2023 and a movie, the excitement for Jujutsu Kaisen has never been higher. I watched season 1, and I want to see the movie now!

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is based on a prequel manga that I’ve read and promises to be amazing! Season 1 came out in 2019, and the manga reached 2.5 million copies in November of the same year.

English readers can expect to see the 17th volume on August 16, 2022, while Japan is already enjoying volume 19. Unfortunately, chapters 172 to 186 have not been collected into a book yet.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers was the third best-selling manga in 2021, with over 24.9 million copies sold. In addition, the anime became the 7th most discussed tv show on Twitter in 2021.

I haven’t watched or read this one, but I’ll keep an open mind for it.


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