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Shadows House Season 2 trailer reveals OP, ED theme song music


Shadows house released visual
A Shadows House Season 2 trailer visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Shadows House Season 2 main trailer, released on June 2, 2022, revealed the anime’s theme songs. The much anticipated second season is set to premiere on July 9, 2022, as the main trailer conveys, alongside other exciting details of the upcoming season. 

The first season of the mystery anime ended in July 2021, and much to fans’ excitement is returning for a second season a year later.

Teaser videos and a short trailer have been released in the early months of 2022, with Funimation announcing the anime’s premiere in summer 2022. This main trailer reveals more of what to expect from the upcoming anime season. 

Shadows House season 2 theme songs, main trailer details, and cast 

The much-awaited Shadows House season 2 trailer included both opening and closing theme songs in the beginning and towards the end of the trailer, respectively. The opening theme song ‘Shall We Dance?’ is performed by ReoNa, while ClariS perform the closing theme ‘Masquerade.’

Check out the latest trailer below:

The trailer reveals superb visuals and discloses new characters that Shadows House will introduce in this second season. In addition, there will be more backstory to the characters’ lives, the shadows and their life doll counterparts, and Kate’s quest to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the shadow’s house with forces intent on stopping her and preventing a change in the power class system of the Shadows mansion.

The Cast and Staff of the Shadows House anime were displayed at the end of the trailer. 

The cast includes 

  • Shadow girl Kate Mirror voiced by Akari Kitō
  • Yū Sasahara voices Living doll Emilico
  • Shadow boy John and living doll Shaun, voiced by Kōdai Sakai
  • Ayane Sakura voices Shadow boy Louis and living doll Lou
  • Shadow girl Shirley and living doll Rum are voiced by Shino Shimoji 
  • Shadow boy Patrick and living doll Ricky voiced by Reiji Kawashima 
  • Edward voiced by Wataru Hatano 

Shadows House plot, staff, and more 

The Shadows House anime is an adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Somato. The anime’s first season introduced us to the Shadows House, an eerie dark mansion. Its occupants, the expressionless shadow people, as the name implies, portray their emotions through their living doll counterparts. Also, the living dolls tend to them and clean their soot which they exude all around the mansion. The shadow girl Kate and living doll servant, Emilico explore the mysteries of the shadow house together as they learn more about themselves and the mansion’s dark secrets. 

Shadows House season 2 released key visual
Shadows House season 2 released a key visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The anime is directed by Kazuki Ohashi, while editing and production are credited to Masanori Miyake and Kazuhiro Nii, respectively. CloverWorks takes credit for Studio Production with character design by Chizuko Kusakabe, series composition by Toshiya Ono, and music by Kenichiro Suehiro. Furthermore, Shinya Kuwahara (Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki’s assistant photography director) has replaced Yoshiki Obata as photography director for season two. Shihomi Matsubayashi (Backflip!! animation director) has joined the team as a co-character designer.

The date of the English dub is yet to be announced, but as the first season, the English dub will be available for international viewers in due time. 


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