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The Perfect Mother season 2 updates: is another season happening?


The enticing French mystery drama thriller The Perfect Mother offers up a captivating narrative that fans can’t stop talking about, and it’s no surprise that subscribers are already curious to know what is happening with The Perfect Mother season 2.

When it comes to exceptional TV thrillers, Netflix never disappoints with so many excellent options to stream now, including Who Killed Sara, MindhunterMoney Heist and The Perfect Mother. That last one, like most Netflix shows, has outdone expectations and is without a doubt an absolute must-watch for fans of the genre as well as subscribers looking for their next binge-worthy title.

The first season of The Perfect Mother did a magnificent job keeping home audiences guessing until the very end with an instantly engrossing storyline that only gets better with every episode. The slow burn, thrill ride into the thought-provoking investigation from a devoted mother to save her child from being wrongfully accused of homicide does not disappoint, and its understandable fans would be interested to know more about what happens next.

The series starring Julie Gayet kept viewers guessing until the very end, and it’s no surprise there are people looking for more. Now the last question on their minds is what is happening with The Perfect Mother season 2?

Is The Perfect Mother season 2 coming to Netflix?

It’s not a surprise that a lot of people are more than interested in seeing more of The Perfect Mother. But there hasn’t been any news about season 2, and it is unknown if the French series will get renewed.

The streaming powerhouse is not one to rush into greenlighting additional seasons, and Netflix seems to be taking a much more cautious approach when deciding what makes the cut for its production slate. Shows like Squid Game eventually got a renewal, and some get spinoffs like Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, so it’s really anyone’s guess what the future holds at this point for The Perfect Mother.

Is The Perfect Mother canceled?

The exceptional show has yet to get the ax, and the fact that it hasn’t been officially canceled could mean good things for the future of the series. Being popular doesn’t guarantee survival at the streamer, with Cowboy Bebop and Jupiter’s Legacy doing quite well yet still ending abruptly. It will be very intriguing to witness what the future holds for The Perfect Mother.

Is The Perfect Mother season 2 filming?

It is unclear when or if production will start for The Perfect Mother season 2. No reports are out there indicating if the series is being filmed, and any information about the shooting schedule will likely materialize after the announcement of the renewal.

The Perfect Mother season 2 release predictions

Some shows on Netflix put out seasons twice a year, and some feel like they take forever to come back. But if one had to guess as to when The Perfect Mother season 2 could arrive should it get another run, one wouldn’t be crazy to speculate some time around Summer 2023, but again that’s just a guess.


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