EntertainmentBelle music soundtrack OST is coming to vinyl

Belle music soundtrack OST is coming to vinyl


Belle soundtrack fans can enjoy hearing 33 tracks from the movie when the vinyl set releases later this year. Pic credit: Studio Chizu, Sony Music Entertainment, and Milan Records.

Belle is getting a vinyl soundtrack edition later this year. According to rightstuffanime.com, the expected shipping date is August 19, 2022.

It contains 33 tracks from the movie, and it’s $32.98 USD on rightstuffanime.com! You can also pre-order the vinyl soundtrack at amazon.com and more.

The Belle vinyl soundtrack comes with beautiful vinyl discs housed in a gatefold sleeve with a photo insert. Pic credit: Studio Chizu, Sony Music Entertainment, and Milan Records.

What’s included in the Belle vinyl soundtrack?

The Belle vinyl soundtrack has two pink and blue pop sensation vinyl disks housed in a gatefold sleeve with a 12-inch photo insert. Taisei Iwasaki, Ludvig Forssell, Yuta Bandoh, and Mamoru Hosoda gave Belle a range from anthemic pop ballads to emotionally-laden instrumentals.

The Belle vinyl edition also comes with four tracks performed by Kylie McNeil, the voice actor for Belle in the English dub. Belle’s main theme, “U,” was written and performed by the Japanese act Millenium Parade.

Mamoru Hosoda co-wrought the lyrics in Lend Me Your Voice and A Million Miles Away.

Which Belle songs are included?

Vinyl disks are the same as cassette tapes. They have tracks on both sides, and since the Belle vinyl soundtrack has two discs.

That means disc one has sides a and b, while disc two has sides c and d.

Side A.

  1. Whispers
  2. Slingshot
  3. Memories of a Sound
  4. Blunt Words
  5. Gales of Song
  6. Fleeting Days
  7. Swarms of Song
  8. Alle Psallite Cum Luya
  9. Fama Destinata
  10. Dragon
  11. Justin
  12. Unveil

Side B.

  1. Digital Ripples
  2. Dragon’s Lair
  3. Lend Me Your Voice (draft)
  4. Social Warfare
  5. Assault
  6. Lend Me Your Voice
  7. #UnveilTheBeast
  8. Authority and Arrogance

Side C.

  1. Scorching the Facade
  2. The Truth Obscured
  3. Lend Me Your Voice (humming)
  4. Distrust
  5. A Million Miles Away
  6. Pieces of the Puzzle
  7. Faces in the Rain

Side D.

  1. Skies of Song
  2. A Million Miles Away (reprise)
  3. U-English version
  4. Gales of Song-English version
  5. Lend Me Your Voice-English version
  6. A Million Miles Away Part 1-English version

Belle was the third-highest-grossing Japanese film in 2021. It made $1.6 million from 1,326 theaters over its US opening weekend. Belle is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756 but also takes cues from the Disney 1991 animated movie.

Belle has received five Annie Award nominations, which beats Spirited Away and Millenium Actress at four.


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