EntertainmentKiller Book Club teaser, cast, synopsis, release updates and...

Killer Book Club teaser, cast, synopsis, release updates and more


On day 2 of Netflix Geeked Week 2022, the streamer dropped several teasers for upcoming films and announced new movies slated to come to Netflix soon. One of the new films announced was a horror flick titled Killer Book Club and we’ve got all the important details!

Killer Book Club is a Spanish-Language slasher film helmed by Carlos Alonso-Ojea from a screenplay written by Carlos García Miranda. It’s a movie adaptation of Miranda’s book of the same name.

Not much information about Killer Book Club is known, but we shared all there is to know down below!

Killer Book Club teaser

Along with the film announcement, Netflix released a teaser of the upcoming slasher and it’s already got us ready to watch it. Check out the teaser below to get a sneak peek of the movie!

Killer Book Club cast

Here’s the main cast list below:

  • Veki Velilla
  • Álvaro Mel
  • Carlos Alcaide
  • Hamza Zaidi
  • Priscilla Delgado
  • Iván Pellicer
  • Ane Rot
  • María Cerezuela
  • Daniel Grao

Killer Book Club synopsis

Based on what Netflix said about the plot, it’s about a group of teenagers threatened by a creepy clown. Since it’s a slasher film, we’ll likely see each character murdered one by one by the clown. But who will make it to the end?

Here’s the translated synopsis via Wikipedia below:

After being complicit in a costume joke that ends in a fatal accident and a pact of silence, a group of young people will be threatened by an anonymous writer who wants to reveal his dark secret. Their stalker threatens to post a bloody horror novel based on them on social media. Each chapter one of them will die. While distrusting each other, the group will begin a fight for survival in the middle of the university campus. Any one of them could be the next victim, or the killer.

Killer Book Club release updates

Unfortunately, Netflix did not provide a release date at Geeked Week. However, we think there’s a good chance it’ll come out by the end of 2022. If not, we should definitely see it sometime in 2023. Once Netflix announces the official release date, you’ll be the first to know.

Stay tuned to Gizmo Blaze for more news and coverage on Killer Book Club!


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