EntertainmentSkull Island anime first look image, synopsis and more

Skull Island anime first look image, synopsis and more


From Legendary Television comes a Skull Island anime series at Netflix! During Geeked Week 2022, Netflix shared a first look photo of the anime, which you can see below.

The new series comes from executive producers Brian Duffield and Jacob Robinson. Duffield will write along with executive produce. He previously worked on the screenplay for the Kristen Stewart-led thriller Underwater (2020) and he also wrote the script for the Netflix slasher film The Babysitter (2017) starring Samara Weaving. Robinson will produce under his company Tractor Pants.

Skull Island is a co-production between Legendary Television with Netflix Animation, Powerhouse Animation and Tractor Pants Productions. Legendary has previously collaborated with Netflix on projects like Lost in Space, Love and Pacific Rim: The Black. Next, Legendary will work with Netflix Animation again in co-production with dj2 Entertainment and Square Enix to create a Tomb Raider anime series.

What is the Skull Island anime about?

From Netflix, Skull Island is “a thrilling animated adventure series, follow[ing] shipwrecked characters desperate to escape the most dangerous place on Earth—a mysterious island home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest Titan of them all, Kong.”

Here’s what the official tweet announcing the series reads:

Is the Skull Island anime connected to Kong: Skull Island?

So far, it does not look like the two properties are related, although I would be surprised if there weren’t a few references or easter eggs in the anime hinting toward the 2017 movie. We do not even know what time period this show is set in, so it’s hard to say how connected they could possibly be.

It should be noted that the name “Skull Island” did not originate in the 2017 film. Skull Island has been referred to in all sorts of King Kong-based media, first appearing in the 1933 film and even in Kong: The Animated Series.

However, the anime is coming from Legendary Television, the same entertainment company behind Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla vs. Kong, so it’s possible that this show and the 2017 movie could exist in the same continuity.

Has a voice cast been announced for the Skull Island anime?

No, there has not been any news on the voice cast for the anime series yet. It would be cool if some of the actors from the 2017 film reprised their roles in the show, but it does not seem likely.

First image from the Skull Island anime

Skull Island. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Netflix released the first official image for the upcoming Skull Island anime! The photo doesn’t show us much, apart from two giant footprints we can safely assume come from King Kong and a group of people inspecting the print left behind. Still, I don’t know about you but I’m excited! It looks like Kong was just taking a leisurely stroll along the beachfront.

Is there a release date for the Skull Island anime?

No, not yet. I would hazard a guess that Netflix might release the show later this year, since it was announced well over a year ago, but we cannot confirm anything at this time.

That said, Netflix does already have a page for the anime set up on the official website. You can go ahead and set a reminder on your account so you get notified when new information regarding the series is released.

Stay tuned to Gizmo Blaze for more information on the Skull Island anime series.


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