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Skull Island anime movie adaptation reveals first look during Geeked Week 2022


The arrival of outsiders to Skull Island
The arrival of outsiders to Skull Island in the Kong: Skull Island movie. Pic credit: Legendary pictures

The first intriguing teaser image from Netflix’s Skull Island, a new anime series set in Legendary Pictures‘ MonsterVerse, has been unveiled.

The core MonsterVerse quadrilogy concluded with the release of Godzilla vs. Kong last year. Still, Legendary Pictures has plans to continue extending the Titan-filled world with a load of new projects, including a new anime series based on Kong: Skull Island.

Legendary Pictures and Netflix are currently working on the next extensive installment of the MonsterVerse saga, a new anime adaptation of Kong: Skull Island. Fans have finally seen a glimpse of what this colossal initiative looks like with the first shot from the monstrous anime series!

First look at the Kong King Skull Island movie

Despite being revealed early this year, there have been few updates on what to expect from the forthcoming Kong: Skull Island. Thankfully, that changed this year during Netflix’s Geeked Week, when Kong: Skull Island revealed its first teaser, which teases how some tiny humans would become engulfed in Kong’s vast realm, with little possibility of escape.

Below is an eerie first glimpse at Legendary Pictures and Netflix’s Kong: Skull Island anime:

Skull island new eerie teaser by Netflix
First Kong Skull Island teaser by Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix Geeked

Outside of the fact that it will be brought to life by Powerhouse Animation Studios, there are unfortunately few details about what to anticipate from Legendary Pictures and Netflix’s new Kong: Skull Island anime or (when to expect it) at the moment.

Powerhouse Animation Studios is the production house behind Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, Seis Manos, and more. The first announcement for the major project included some suggestions as to the storyline of the new series. The storyline teases more individuals becoming stuck on the titular island.

Skull Island anime adaptation: What we know so far

When Netflix unveiled that it would be in development alongside an anime-style Tomb Raider show in January 2021, the planned animated series was dubbed Skull Island. The story will follow the exploits of shipwrecked humans attempting to flee the namesake island, home to prehistoric monsters.

Brian Duffield will script the series and co-executive produce alongside Jacob Robinson. Duffield has previous experience writing monster stories, authoring the 2020 film Love and Monsters and Underwater screenplays.

At this point, it is unknown when the upcoming series will take place in the MonsterVerse. The 2017 picture, set in 1973, follows a team of scientists and soldiers who travel to the mystical Skull Island. On the island, they encounter the enormous Kong and other horrible beasts. Legendary Television, Powerhouse Animation Studios, Tractor Pants Productions, and Netflix Animation will collaborate on the animated series.

There are also plans to continue the MonsterVerse with a new film, but there are few details available. What are your thoughts? So far, how do you feel about the Kong: Skull Island anime? What are you looking forward to seeing in the new anime? Let us know what you think about the anime adaptation in the comments!


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