EntertainmentIs the family-friendly show Lovely Little Farm on Netflix?

Is the family-friendly show Lovely Little Farm on Netflix?


The kids and family series Lovely Little Farm is a delightful program that is engaging, educational, and above all else, entertaining for a younger audience. But is it on Netflix?

For those out there that don’t know, Lovely Little Farm is a series that follows Jill and Jacky, sisters who live on a farm where some of the animals can talk. Every entry showcases their efforts at being a young farmer, which is not an easy gig, and the adventures those two get up to will not only help them grow but will also teach some heartfelt lessons along the way, to the viewers at home as well.

The show has a talented lineup playing the characters, including Levi Howden and Kassidi Roberts leading the way. Also in the mix are Micah Balfour, Cicely Giddings and Barry McCarthy. Actor Joel Fry who fans will recognize from several works, including In the EarthCruellaGame of Thrones and Netflix’s Requiem, lends his vocal talents to Lovely Little Farm as Al Alpaca’s voice.

There are also a plethora of fun animal friends that viewers will surely get a kick out of and will inevitably become fan favorites along the way. The first season of Lovely Little Farm featured seven entries with run times ranging from 21 to 27 minutes in length.

Is Lovely Little Farm available on Netflix?

It would be nice if subscribers could turn on their televisions or their favorite devices for streaming and watch this particular kid’s show from start to finish. But unfortunately, that is not going to be possible because Lovely Little Farm is not one of the many fantastic choices available now, and it doesn’t seem like this situation will change any time in the near future.

There are plenty of exceptional children’s programs the entire family can experience together that are ready to view now on Netflix. Some of these magnificent options include Cocomelon, Carmen Sandiego and Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, just to name a few.

Where you can stream Lovely Little Farm

Lovely Little Farm is exclusively available on Apple TV+. The series is yet another excellent addition to an impressive lineup that contains such hits as The Essex Serpent, Shining Girls and Now and Then. 

You can check out the trailer below:


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