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Kimetsu no Yaiba -Entertainment District Arc- recreated in Kyoto Toei Studio theme park


Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyono Gotosan event poster.
Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyono Gotosan event poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

This summer, visitors to the old city Kyoto will be able to enjoy various unique Demon Slayer diversions. According to Mantan Web, the producers of Demon Slayer and the city of Kyoto are collaborating to provide tourists with a one-of-a-kind replica of the anime and manga’s fan-favorite Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc.

While the arc was set in Tokyo’s Yoshiwara district during the Taisho era, the Kyoto Toei Studio Park, a theme park/movie studio noted for its authentic replication of Edo-era buildings, is being redecorated to reproduce scenes from the action-packed arc. Visitors will be allowed to photograph the fantastic scenery.

The treats and merchandise of the recreation

The promotion will extend into Kyoto itself, where visitors will be able to collect exclusive, complimentary Kyomaru Uchiwa (traditional Japanese fans). The fans are adorned with new art of the franchise’s characters at locations throughout the city’s historical hanamachi districts. The districts are known for the geisha who live and work there. The Keifuku Electrical Railroad, a city-based railway operator, will also paint some of its passenger vehicles with artwork from the campaign.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyono Gotosan event fans
Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyono Gotosan event kyomaru uchiwa. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The promotions will take place in the city from July 23 to October 27, 2022.

Kyoto was once the country’s capital city and is now one of Japan’s top tourist destinations. Japan has relaxed COVID-19-related travel restrictions and began allowing international tourists in for the first time since the pandemic’s start. Visitors will be forced to observe the country’s public safety regulations, including wearing masks and paying for medical insurance. Designated tour leaders will oversee them for the duration of their visit.

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc, a masterpiece

The Entertainment District arc is widely recognized as one of the best bits of Koyoharu Gotouge’s famous manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. The series’ primary characters, the altruistic Tanjiro, his sister Nezuko, the cowardly Zenitsu, and the brash Inosuke, arrive in the big city to help the Demon Slayer Corps’ Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, in this arc. 

The team has been charged with looking into a spate of possible demon-related disappearances in the area’s red-light district. Ufotable turned the arc into animation in 2021 and served as the foundation for most of the anime series’ second season. The anime version received comparable praise, with critics and fans complimenting Ufotable’s high-quality animation and sophisticated action choreography.

The Demon Slayer Season 3 anime, which will depict the Swordsmith Village arc, is presently in production.

The whole manga by Koyoharu Gotouge is available in English from VIZ Media. Crunchyroll has the previous two seasons of the anime accessible for streaming.

What do you think about this rendition of the Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc? are you hyped for the coming Demon Slayer season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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