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5 must-watch Harlan Coben series on Netflix


Harlan Coben is one of this generation’s greatest writers. Coben is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and master of psychological suspense, twists, and turns that leave his readers glued to the pages of his books.

The American author has written 33 novels that reportedly sold 75 million copies and have been translated into 43 languages. In 2018, Coben signed a multi-million-dollar five-year deal with Netflix to turn 14 of his books into films on the streaming service.

Harlan Coben has created a fantastic fan base that has followed his books and films, and the future only looks bright.

Harlan Coben series on Netflix

Here are five of the best must-watch Harlan Coben series on Netflix so far.

The Innocent

The eight-episode series based on Coben’s 2005 novel follows a man fresh out of prison and ready to start a new life. Spanish actor Mario Casas plays the main character in the series, and his character does indeed rebuild his new life only to have it filled with drama because of the choices he has made. From the beginning of the series, the audience is misdirected by past details about the main character that never felt like it was going to add up. When the viewers recognize what’s going on in the series, we are pretty much done with it, and it feels like a rollercoaster of events.

Gone For Good

The 2021 drama features a young French man played by actor Finnegan Oldfield who goes through many ups and downs to make sense of two past murders and the disappearance of his girlfriend. The story is based on a 2002 novel and has only five episodes, but it’s a drama-filled series that makes you wonder how the author came up with these stories.

The Stranger

The Stranger was a popular series released during the pandemic, so viewers had plenty of time to catch up on good television. The 2020 series focuses on a suburban dad, played by British actor Richard Armitage, who is quickly faced with some disturbing accusations surrounding his wife. The main character decides to act on the information that has been provided to him. The series is based on a book of the same name, and The Stranger is a story worth watching if you are interested in drama-filled television shows.

Stay Close

The eight-episode series was released at the end of 2021 and is based on Coben’s 2012 novel of the same name. The film stars Cush Jumbo as the female protagonist, which is rare for one of Coben’s stories. Stay Close centers around a woman whose past resurfaces and interferes with her new life for the worse. The woman in the series story is filled with mysteries because of what is going on in her life. The characters in this series all fit the series because each has the problems they are dealing with throughout the series. The plot in the middle can sometimes lose focus because of all the parties involved in the story, but the last episode makes up for the long journey.


The series Safe was the first Harlan Coben story released on Netflix and might be the most important one. It was the series that helped him get the multi-series deal with Netflix. Safe stars Dexter’s Michael C. Hall as a suburban dad who deals with the mysterious disappearances of his daughter. Hall takes on a difficult task with the story of his daughter going missing and having to deal with his deceased wife. The series is filled with mysteries, lies, and great storytelling throughout the eight episodes. Coben is at his best when he is writing a modern-day thriller that leaves you at the edge of your seat and wanting more, and this is one of the best-written series he’s created.

Which Harlan Coben series on Netflix is your favorite?


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