EntertainmentIs Abandoned starring Emma Roberts on Netflix? (where to...

Is Abandoned starring Emma Roberts on Netflix? (where to watch)


Can Netflix members experience all the frightening moments that go down in the horror film Abandoned, starring the amazing Emma Roberts?

Fans everywhere are always eager to see what Roberts stars in next. She has done a wide range of projects, including titles such as Scream 4, American Horror Story, Holidate and Paradise Hills, among serval other worthwhile titles. For those looking for yet another scary flick with her in the driver’s seat should look no further than the 2022 feature Abandoned.

In the nightmare-inducing narrative, a young couple with their infant move into a remote farmhouse which usually never works out well for this genre. Roberts plays Sara, a mother dealing with postpartum psychosis, and her struggles get worse when their place of residence starts to reveal the secrets it has been hiding.

Roberts isn’t the only talented player in the lineup for Abandoned. Joining her in the horrifying motion picture is a solid bunch, including Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington, Paul Schneider and John Gallagher Jr. On the other side of the camera, sitting in the director’s chair, is Spencer Squire, and the script was penned by Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott.

Is Abandoned starring Emma Roberts available on Netflix?

A horror flick like the frightening title starring Roberts would definitely be an ideally terrifying experience from start to finish for subscribers who enjoy that type of thing. But it will not be possible because Abandoned is not available on Netflix, and it is not known if it will make its way to the streamer any time soon.

Thankfully, the streaming powerhouse has an ample amount of selections to choose from when it comes to the genre of horror. Some of the intriguing titles ready to steam now include The Fear Street trilogy, The Platform, His House and Army of the Dead.

Where you can stream Abandoned starring Emma Roberts

Abandoned is available to rent or purchase on VOD platforms such as YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Google Play.

You can check out the trailer below:


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