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Funko Pop! has released new figurines based on Ms. Marvel characters


Anyone that loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can relate to the new lead character in the comic book brand’s latest Disney+ show, Ms. Marvel. As a fellow fan of the Avengers, Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, spends her days writing fan fiction about her favorite superheroes like Captain Marvel. Then, thanks to some magic bangles, she becomes a superhero herself. Now, the infamous toy brand Funko has created five new Pop! collectibles for fans to enjoy.

The first Funko Pop! in the collection is one of Ms. Marvel in her iconic red and blue outfit with a yellow lightning bolt design on the front. This Pop! includes her signature red cape, blue and gold eye mask, and red lace-up sneakers. Kamala is even striking a pose as this collectible and making a peace sign with her hands. You can get this Pop! for $13, which comes in a keychain version for $7 on Amazon. There’s also an exclusive diamond version of this Pop! at Hot Topic for $15.

Check out the Funko Pop! of Kamala Khan on Amazon from the Marvel and Disney+ show Ms. Marvel.

Check out the Funko Pop! of Kamala Khan on Amazon from the Marvel and Disney+ show Ms. Marvel.

Funko didn’t stop at only one design of Ms. Marvel for its latest release. You can also get the new character in her red Carol Danvers-like outfit for $13 on Amazon. The Pop! shows Kamala wearing a red helmet with a yellow light-up mohawk, like Captain Marvel. In addition, she has her red and blue jacket, complete with the other superhero’s classic star design on the front. Eagle-eyed fans will even notice she’s wearing one of her bracelets and is ready to jump into action when needed.

As one of Kamala’s best friends, Funko couldn’t leave Bruno Carrelli out of this range of collectibles. Though he may have a crush on her, Bruno becomes even closer to Kamala once she gets her powers. Due to his love of science, his Funko Pop! shows him wearing a white lab coat and holding something in his hand that looks like a gadget for Kamala. The Bruno Pop! is available on Amazon for $13.

Lastly, Funko has made a Pop! of Najma, the antagonist in Ms. Marvel, who just happens to be the mother of Kamala’s crush, Kamran. She’s also the leader of the Clandestines, a group of Djinn from a dimension called Noor. Najma wants to return to her dimension, which she was exiled from but needs to use Kamala to get there. This Pop! is available at Entertainment Earth for $12.

These Funko Pop! figurines are available for pre-order and will be shipped out by at least October 2022. So make sure to check these Pop! collectibles out and catch the last few episodes of Ms. Marvel on Disney+.

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