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Stranger Things season 5 likely to be released in 2024


Collider, Matt and Ross Duffer talked Stranger Things season 5 and when fans might be able to expect the new season.

The Duffers revealed they were going to take a well-deserved break for a few weeks in July before opening the season 5 writer’s room during the first week of August. Earlier this years, the Duffers revealed the plans for season 4 and season 5 came together as “one unit.”

Ideally, they would have filmed the seasons back-to-back, but the pandemic prevented that from happening. The good news is, they at least have an outline for the fifth season and, according to a new report from Deadline, they already know what the final 20 minutes of the series finale will entail.

Now they’re just concerned with sticking the landing, so let’s hope they take their time writing the final scripts. Apparently when they told Netflix executives their idea for the final season, it triggered some serious waterworks. We can’t imagine anything making us cry like the end of season 4 but if anyone can do it, it’s Matt and Ross Duffer.

When will Stranger Things season 5 premiere?

It’s much too early to have an exact release date, but we do know that the wait between seasons should be significantly shorter than the wait between season 3 and season 4. The fifth season will primarily take place all in one location: Hawkins.

It will also be shorter, with the Duffers aiming for 10 hours of content rather than the massive length of every season 4 episode. It sounds like the final season will premiere sometime in 2024, likely that summer as most seasons debuted in the summer.

What do you hope to see happen in Stranger Things season 5? You can revisit Stranger Things anytime on Netflix. Both volume 1 and volume 2 of season 4 are now streaming.


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