EntertainmentWhat happens to Paige Lassiter in Virgin River? Will...

What happens to Paige Lassiter in Virgin River? Will she return?


Paige Lassiter was an important character in the early seasons of Virgin River. Played by Lexa Doig, Paige owned a bakery truck and took care of her son, Christopher. She and Preacher form a connection and it’s clear they care deeply for one another.

But then Preacher finds out that Paige isn’t who she says she is. We learn she has been using fake identities to hide from her abusive husband, Wes. In season 2, Wes manages to track her down to Virgin River.

One particularly nasty episode ends with Paige pushing Wes down a flight of stairs, killing him. She contacts Preacher to help hide the body. Not long into the second season, Paige is forced to flee and go into hiding, leaving Preacher to take care of Christopher and the bakery truck in the meantime. Preacher ends up recruiting Connie’s assistance.

For almost two seasons now, Paige has only been talked about, but we haven’t actually seen her since very early season 2. However, at the end of Virgin River season 3, Preacher finds himself in trouble as Wes’s twin brother Vince (both played by Steve Bacic) comes to town in search of his brother.

Preacher is drugged and tricked into following a woman he believes to be Paige’s best friend into the woods. Is Preacher going to be okay? We’ll have to wait until season 4 to find out.

Will Paige return in Virgin River season 4?

The good news is, fans can anticipate Doig returning as Paige in the show’s fourth season. A crucial part of Virgin River season 4 will revolve around Paige’s return and trying to stop Vince for good.

Executive producer Sue Tenney spoke with TV Insider about what fans could anticipate for season 4, saying, “Paige is on the run, but we revisit Paige in season 4.”

Tenney also teased that finding Vince is going to be extremely important.

“There’s a big reveal when we open Season 4 that puts certain people in jeopardy. Finding Vince becomes paramount.”

It’s not clear how many episodes Doig will be in or if she’s back for good, but it’ll be nice to potentially get some closure on her storyline one way or another!

Virgin River season 4 premieres on July 20.


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