EntertainmentBoo, Bitch spoilers: What happens to Gia?

Boo, Bitch spoilers: What happens to Gia?


Boo, Bitch has finally dropped on Netflix and it’s the perfect show to watch this summer with a group of your closest friends. The talented actress, Lana Condor, stars in the main role of Erika Vu, a high school senior who has lived safely under the radar for most of her high school experience. Then, one day, Erika and her best friend Gia decide that they want to end high school with a bang by making their mark. But after a wild night out partying, Erika wasn’t expecting to wake up as a ghost.

After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, you might think you have Boo, Bitch all figured out, but there’s a jaw-dropping twist that no one could’ve seen coming. The comedy series follows Erika on her journey to find out what her unfinished business is on Earth so she can ascend. But there’s one character in particular that viewers need to pay more attention to, and that character is Gia.

How does Gia play a part in Erika’s mission? What happens to Gia? We answered these burning questions and more below!

Major spoilers from Boo, Bitch ahead!

Does Gia die in Boo, Bitch?

In a surprising twist, we find out that Gia is actually the person who is under the moose, not Erika. So, yes, Gia dies and becomes a ghost. In episode 7, we find out why Gia chose to hide her death and instead make Erika believe that she’s the one who died.

Gia tells Erika that she didn’t want her to stop living life because she died. Gia believed that Erika would have stopped her mission of leaving a legacy and gone back to being unnoticed if she had known that she had died. However, Gia wasn’t expecting her plan to backfire and for Erika to transform into a totally different person because of all the popularity.

Do Gia and Gavin end up together?

Sadly, the young couple does not end up together. Since Gia is a ghost and has a limited amount of time left on Earth, there was no way she and Gavin could end up together. So Gia breaks things off with him before things could get serious. However, they do get to go to prom and share one last dance together.

Does Gia ascend in Boo, Bitch?

Yes, she does. Throughout the series, Gia helps Erika with her fake mission of finding out what her unfinished business is, but her time on Earth is quickly running out because she’s the actual ghost. Then, Gia and Erika get into a big argument and stop speaking.

Once Erika comes to her senses and realizes that she needs to make things right with Gia before it’s too late, she receives a text from Gavin. He tells Erika that he knows that Gia is dead. They meet up and try to figure out what Gia’s unfinished business is so that she can ascend.

Erika realizes that Gia’s unfinished business is to attend prom and that she was supposed to help her all along. She also realizes that Gavin can see Gia because he’s also a part of Gia’s unfinished business. He’s supposed to be Gia’s prom date.

So Erika places Gia’s prom attire on her bed and hopes that she’ll show up and attend prom. At prom, Erika and Gia reunite and make up. Gia also gets to spend time with Gavin. Then, Erika gives an emotional speech about Gia before asking everyone at prom if there could be a revote so that Gia could become prom queen. Everyone agrees and Gia is filled with joy and gratitude as she ascends.

What did you think about the surprising twist in Boo, Bitch? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, continue streaming Boo, Bitch only on Netflix.


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