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Do Erika and Jake C. end up together in Boo, Bitch? (Spoilers)


Boo, Bitch is available to stream on Netflix, and of course, it’s the new original series everyone is currently watching and talking about. To All the Boys Lana Condor stars in the leading role as a high school senior named Erika Vu, who is ready to stop living life under the radar and instead live her life to the fullest before graduation. But her goal of leaving a legacy becomes complicated when she wakes up from a wild night of partying to find out she’s a ghost.

Like almost every other teen series, the protagonist is given a love interest. In Boo, Bitch, Erika Vu has been crushing on popular high school senior Jake C. (Mason Versaw) since freshman year, but Jake C. has been in an on-and-off-again relationship with Erika’s rival, Riley (Aparna Brielle). Due to Riley’s toxic ways, Jake C. constantly finds himself on the outs with her, which ultimately pushes him towards Erika.

But Erika is on a journey to live her best life and make a name for herself before her time on Earth is up. So how does Jake C. fit into her plans? Do Erika and Jake C. end up together? Here’s what happens between Erika and Jake C. in Boo, Bitch.

Warning: Major spoilers for Boo, Bitch ahead!

Do Erika and Jake C. get together?

Yes, Erika and Jake C. eventually get together. Their first intimate moment happens at Jake W.’s party when Erika makes a drink for Jake C. They flirt for a bit, but nothing too serious. Later on at the party, Jake C. breaks up with Riley and then he and Erika share another intimate moment. They were about to kiss, but Erika pulled away because she had to vomit. Then, they meet up later and exchange numbers.

The next morning, Jake C. invites Erika to a get-together at his house. Erika accepts the invitation but ends up showing up late because she and Gia were trying to figure out her ghost situation. When Erika arrives at Jake C.’s house, she sees him and Riley making out. But Jake C. was just caught up in the moment. He thought Erika stood him up, and Riley was saying all the right things at the time. He still wanted to get to know Erika and be with her but thought it might be too late. Fortunately, things didn’t go completely left because Erika and Jake C. share their first kiss on the night of Jake M.’s promposal and officially get together.

Do Erika and Jake C. end up together in Boo, Bitch?

Yes, but there were some bumps in the road. Erika and Jake C. were doing good as a couple until Erika started letting the popularity get to her head. She started becoming more like Riley, which is manipulative and full of drama. Once Jake C. noticed that the Erika he fell for had been replaced by someone completely different, he couldn’t take it anymore and broke things off.

In the final episode, Erika and Jake C. talk at prom but don’t get back together. The conversation ends with Jake C. asking Erika if he’ll see her at the after-party. Erika tells him no, but she decides to go after all.

While at the after-party, Jake C. pulls Erika to the side and they talk for a bit before he leans in and kisses her. Although Erika and Jake C. don’t actually talk about getting back together, it’s pretty obvious that’s where they’re headed after the kiss.

Boo, Bitch is streaming now only on Netflix.


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