EntertainmentNetflix Boo, Bitch recap guide: Episodes 1-8 explained

Netflix Boo, Bitch recap guide: Episodes 1-8 explained


Are you ready for a good spook this summer? Well, Netflix premieres the ghostly new comedy Boo, Bitch on July 8, and even though it’s not the scare-filled kind of ghost fare you might be expecting, the limited series more than makes up for it with laughs.

Boo, Bitch stars To All the Boys favorite Lana Condor and comes from co-creator Lauren Iungerich, who also created MTV’s Awkward and Netflix’s On My Block. In the series, a high school senior decides to start living life to fullest, until she soon discovers she died and became a ghost.

The eight-episode limited series follows Erika Vu (Condor) and her best friend Gia (Zoe Colletti) as they navigate the final days of their senior year leading up to prom and the pressure being a ghost places on Erika’s newfound popularity. It’s full of friendship, romance, and teen angst.

Boo, Bitch episode guide

From this point forward, there are major SPOILERS from Boo, Bitch as we’re breaking down each episode of the show and diving into that shocking ending.

Boo, Bitch - Netflix shows - Lana Condor and Mason Versaw

Boo, Bitch. (L to R) Jami Alix as Lea, Mason Versaw as Jake C, Lana Condor as Erika in episode 104 of Boo, Bitch. Cr. Erik Voake/Netflix © 2022

Boo, Bitch episode 1 recap

The series opens with Erika in narration explaining that she’s dead, while catching our first glimpse of her body underneath an also dead moose. Erika’s unique sneakers poke out from beneath the moose, and her golden arrow necklace hangs from a branch of a nearby tree.

Erika and her best friend, Gia, are otherwise invisible to the rest of their classmates and have maintained an under the radar presence on the outskirts of the social hierarchy. They’re left out of the senior text chain and Erika’s known as “Helen Who” thanks to her bully, Riley (Aparna Brielle). However, they look to turn things around with the prospect of prom and an upcoming party at Jake W.’s, where Erika’s crush Jake C. (Mason Versaw) will definitely be.

During the party, Erika hits it off with Jake C., who just so happens to be dating her enemy Riley. Of course, Riley takes note of Erika and Jake C.’s connection, but it’s not the worst thing to happen to Erika on the night of the party. While on their walk home, Erika and Gia appear to almost get hit by a truck in the middle of the road.

When they wake up hungover the next morning, they can barely remember what happened, but as they venture out to find Erika’s missing necklace from Gia, they discover a “dead girl” wearing her shoes underneath a moose.

Boo, Bitch episode 2 recap

Naturally, Erika believes she dreamed that she died under a moose, but it’s real and she’s a ghost who can somehow be seen and act as a normal human. She discovers at her favorite coffeeshop, where they order two mochaccinos (one without whip for Gia), that she has powers that can negatively interact with electricity. (For the record, Gia doesn’t get her mochaccino without whip.)

Erika worries about how much time she has left before she turns into a lava lamp, but she accepts an invitation from Jake C. to join his “hangover hang.” Before attending the hot tub party, Erika and Gia visit a group of teens from their school known as “After Lifers” to ask questions about ghosts. They find out “embodied ghosts” like Erika still have unfinished business.

Jake C. talks to his friends about Erika and they warn him about drama. But drama arrives in the form of Riley before Erika can arrive at the hangover hang. Arriving extremely late under the belief that her unfinished business is Jake C., Erika pulls up to his house in time to catch Jake C. and Riley kissing outside his house.

Boo, Bitch episode 3 recap

Erika sends Jake C. a text apologizing for missing his party, but he doesn’t text back. Suddenly, her chances of settling her unfinished business before her body decomposes seem super low. When she does have an opening to kiss him at school, she chickens out, runs back to Gia, and everything starts glitching.

Although AirPods help neutralize her energy, that doesn’t help the sadness that as soon as she kisses Jake C., she will disappear and never see Gia or her family again. Now that she has an invite to Jake W.’s promposal, Erika sets an end date to complete her unfinished business.

She wraps things up with her family, burns her journals, and attempts to apologize to Devon for spreading a rumor about him in fourth grade before the promposal. The plan goes into motion after the promposal, but when she and Jake C. kiss, she doesn’t disappear. Why is she still here?

Boo, Bitch episode 4 recap

Since she discovers kissing Jake C. isn’t the unfinished business that will send her to the after life, Erika takes advantage of delay and kisses Jake C. as much as possible. Unfortunately, Gia feels jealous of how much time and energy her best friend puts into her new relationship.

Erika now believes her unfinished business is going to prom with Jake C., but she and Gia now face the problem of keeping her body on ice to buy more time. When Erika brings up prom to Jake C., he wants to do anything else because Erika convinced him going to prom is lame. That’s not ideal!

In an accidental turn of events, Erika and Gia throw a party at Gia’s house. Erika uses the opportunity to re-convince Jake C. to go to prom, and it works! But when Riley shows up to stir the pot, Erika finally stands up to her and puts her in her place. Meanwhile, Gia feels left out but finds friendship with Gavin, one of the members of the After Lifers.

Boo, Bitch episode 5 recap

After Erika’s big moment at the party, her social standing has done a total 180. She has a parking spot at school and everyone’s wearing AirPods like her. But for all her good social fortune, Gia has a hard time confiding in her about her crush on Gavin.

Erika worries about Riley retaliating, and their face-off in the bathroom doesn’t do much to ease her concerns. On top of all of that, Gia comes clean to Erika about Gavin and how he blew her off at school, though Erika’s too wrapped up in her TikTok troll to pay attention.

Like a wildfire, Erika becomes all-consumed with her troll and making sure the hate doesn’t spread… when she should be worried about her body not decomposing. Her frenzied behavior starts to push Gia and Jake. C away, but she loves the popularity, especially during the senior slideshow.

Gia agrees to ice Erika’s body while she goes to her family dinner, and we learn that Gia was the TikTok troll all along! She feels guilty for trying to help bring her best friend down to Earth, but when she sees Erika drive by with Riley, she’s rightfully furious.

Boo, Bitch episode 6 recap

Overnight, Erika goes viral on social media. She makes TikTok videos at school, has attained Riley’s level of popularity, and has the power to influence an entire classroom to rip their tests in half. It’s all gone to her head and she’s a completely different person.

Even though Erika and Gia’s friendship has seen better days, Gia patches things up with Gavin. Jake C., too, feels some kind of way about his relationship with Erika when she acts totally opposite to how she used to and starts hanging out with Riley — even on their dates!

Erika blows Gia off when she asks to hang out since the one-week deadline is coming up soon. But that doesn’t stop Erika from asking the After Lifers for an “extension.” They tell her a ghost most become more famous in death than in life to remain embodied. She accepts this challenge.

During the prom assembly, Erika makes a scene to get the dance canceled for her own selfish purposes of removing the roadblock of her unfinished business. Due to her recklessly self-centered behavior, Gia threatens to move Erika’s body to the middle of the road. The former besties meet at the moose and fight over the body in the mud. When they manage to pull the body out from under the moose, Erika discovers it’s not her body… It’s Gia’s.

Boo, Bitch episode 7 recap

The truth comes out, and Erika realizes she’s actually alive and Gia died. After the truck hit the moose into Gia and killed her, she thought on the spot to put Erika’s shoes on her body to make her believe she had died. Gia worried that losing her best friend during senior year would further seclude Erika and keep her from taking any chances.

Understandably, Erika’s hurt by Gia making her think she was dead, but Gia was also understandably scared and lonely not being able to tell anyone she had died. A moment that could have brought them closer together tears the best friends further apart.

With a new lease on life, Erika leans into her new persona. She acts like she never called Jake C. a “whiny little bitch” and presents him with the idea of having sex. Obviously, he’s confused about how she’s so hot and cold. But she soon gets humbled by a BuzzFeed interview gone wrong and a potential video leak from the night of the party where she says horrible things.

Erika takes advantage of Gia and asks her scramble the footage for the time capsule video before anyone can see it. Gia doesn’t react kindly to Erika’s selfishness and reveals that she was the TikTok troll. Their friendship officially ends as Gia begins to glitch and fade away.

In the blink of an eye, Erika’s popularity comes to an end as she gets canceled online, Jake C. breaks up with her, and gets into a car accident without a driver’s license. Elsewhere, Gavin tells his friends about Gia, but they never saw her with Erika in the cemetery.

Boo, Bitch episode 8 recap

Following her cancellation, Erika swiftly grapples with who she’s become and what she’s lost. While talking to her dad, she realizes that no one but she and Gavin could actually see Gia’s physical form.

Erika and Gavin try to find Gia and figure out what unfinished business has kept her around. She quickly realizes Gavin taking Gia to prom was Gia’s unfinished business. As prom draws nearer, Erika and Gavin keep looking for Gia to help her complete her unfinished business.

Because of everything that happened, Jake C. agrees to go to prom with Riley as friends, and Erika is denied entry. But Devon offers Erika his extra ticket thanks to them burying the hatchet (and his “Stinky” nickname). Once she enters the dance, she’s side-eyed and brushed aside.

Boo, Bitch ending explained

“Guerilla” by Remi Wolf starts playing, and Erika knows Gia has arrived at prom. The friends are able to settle their differences. Gia knows Erika will be okay on her own, since she bravely showed up to prom by herself when everyone hates her. As her second unfinished business, Gia dances with Gavin.

Devon wins prom king and Riley wins prom queen, but Erika takes the stage to give a heartfelt speech about Gia, her best friend who died. She calls for a revote for prom queen and the whole room cheers for Gia. Finally, Gia ascends. Everyone at prom sees her light as she rises and receives a text message of her photo.

Although she originally turns down Jake C.’s invite to the after party, the lights flicker and Erika knows she has to listen to Gia and take more chances. She’s welcomed by her friends, kisses Jake C., and talks to Gavin about Gia. Five months later, Erika receives a package in her college dorm room. It’s a lava lamp that turns on without being plugged in, and Erika says, “I see you, bitch.”

What did you think of the show and the ending? Sound off in the comments, and make sure to watch Boo, Bitch now on Netflix!


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