EntertainmentWhat is the Tijuana incident? (spoilers)

What is the Tijuana incident? (spoilers)


Located in Baja City, Mexico, Tijuana becomes an important location in the first season of Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil series. You’ll hear it mentioned several times throughout the show’s first season. But what exactly is the Tijuana incident? We mostly find out by the end of the first episode, but in case you need more clarification, the following article will explain the incident in more detail.

Spoilers ahead for Resident Evil season 1

Tijuana is first mentioned in the early minutes of episode 1, with Albert Wesker discussing it on a phone call. The production of Umbrella Corporation’s super-drug Joy, an antidepressant meant to cure anxiety and depression, previously took place in Tijuana. But then something went terribly wrong.

Resident Evil: What is the Tijuana incident?

We learn that Joy has a dangerous side effect. If taken in excess, it can cause the user to get extremely sick and transform into what we know as zombies, or “zeroes,” in the show. Joy uses a derivative of the T-virus and that’s what causes the outbreak.

In Tijuana, an outbreak of the T-virus occurs when an Umbrella employee is bitten by a lab rat and turns, attacking and killing nine of his co-workers. Video footage of the event is taken and saved on a computer at Umbrella Corps. At the end of the first episode, Jade finds it while they’re looking in Albert’s lab.

Part of why the incident is so important is because it gives us a hint at what’s to come, how we get from the normal world of 2022 to the plague-ridden world of 2036. It’s also indicative of just how dangerous Joy can be and why Albert is trying to get Evelyn to delay launching the drug until he can figure out a cure, or a way to fix it so it’s not so dangerous.

The Tijuana incident is what encouraged Angel Rubio to launch his Umbrella truth website and go looking for answers to prove to the world what Umbrella is capable of, so in many ways this incident is the catalyst for much of the season’s story.


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