EntertainmentWho is Bea's biological dad? (spoilers)

Who is Bea’s biological dad? (spoilers)


Parenthood is a theme throughout Resident Evil season 1. We’re constantly drawn into the mysteries and complications surrounding the dynamics between Billie and Jade and their father, and later, Jade and her daughter Bea. But there is one question we still need an answer to: Who is Bea’s biological father?

Spoilers ahead for Resident Evil

Bea is the adorable, talented daughter of Jade Wesker that we meet very early in the season. While Jade is away conducting research and fighting zombies, Bea remains in the care of Jade’s partner, Arjun. But is Arjun actually Bea’s biological father?

Netflix Resident Evil: Who is Bea’s biological dad?

We do not learn who Bea’s bio dad is in the show’s first season. At first, it seems like she might be Arjun’s, but that is ruled out quickly. Then the next best guess would be Simon, who is set up to be Jade’s love interest in the past. That doesn’t appear to be the case either as Simon is killed at the end of the season, before Jade gets pregnant.

Based on her conversations with Billie in 2036, Jade got pregnant around 18 and she was only 14 in 2022. So, odds are that we simply have not met Bea’s father yet.

Season 2 should see Jade going to Japan to see Ada Wong based on Albert’s last request. Maybe she’ll meet him there? But the main reason it’s an interesting question is because there is something special about Bea. Not only is she a prodigy at the piano, but she also has some kind of gift that keeps her from becoming mutant alligator chow.

When the giant alligator charges her in the finale, it ends up stopping short and actually allowing Bea to pet it. Billie even accuses Jade of tampering with Bea’s genetics like Albert did to them. It’s possible that Jade did something, since we know she is a scientist and has done all sorts of experiments in the past. But it could also be something picked up from her dad, it’s hard to say just yet.


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